Saturday, January 26, 2013

MTC Letter #1

LONGEST 4 DAYS OF MY LIFE!  Ha!  I've been having such an amazing expierience in the MTC. I've been learning so much more about the gospel, they like to tell us here that its like "trying to drink out of a fire hose, you can't get it all but you get some of it." They are throwing a lot our way but its good for us. My companion is from Idaho, Elder Barrus, I totally called I was gonna get someone from Utah or Idaho haha but he's not weird!  He's a super cool guy and even better he plays basketball ... so me and him kill off when we play ball on the same team. It's crazy how much of a love and care I already have for him and I've only been his companion for 4 days. 

I sleep on the top bed and it's right by the heater vent and super high off the ground so hopefully i don't roll off my bed cuz I'd for sure break something. The food is BOMB!  Way better than the cafe food from hawaii. 

There are 6 of us elders in my district and we're all going to New Mexico and leave the same day. I love every single one of them, we just completely have bonded together and are helping each other become the best servant of the Lord we can be. One of the elders is from utah and knows a lot of cool fun facts about the church and is supposedly a "flirt" with all the ladies ... haha cant see it. His companion is SOOOO funny, he looks and acts like Jack Black, best way to describe him haha and he's from Nevada. Another elder is from Idaho also and is such a spiritual giant, he's always got a scriputre to back up what he says and has a medical condition and has to wake up 30 minutes earlier and hook up to this breathing thing every morning but never complains, he's got such a sweet spirit. His compaion is our district leader and he is what you can describe a "Gentle Giant" , he's a great leader and such a cool guy and knows alot of Old School Rap  like me so that's awesome. 

I'm challenging myself to finish the Book Of Mormon by the time I leave the MTC. I'm waking up a 30 min or an hour before 6:30am to get in extra time to read it and finish it. I know I'll be losing a lot more sleep but the Lord wants me to do it and He will give me the strength to do it. I'm trying to be PERFECTLY obedient because that's how you are blessed as a misionary. Though its hard at times I know its worth it. I hope all is well with everyone and I can't wait to update next week. I think my P days are on thursday till I'm out in the mission field.

Much Love,
Elder Taylor 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Elder Taylor enters MTC on January 23rd

Here are some pictures of Elder Taylor being dropped off at the MTC 
on Wednesday, January 23rd.

As soon as we get an email/letter we'll post it on here!