Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As We Remain Positive... We Remain Powerful

Words can't express the joy that I have felt this past week serving in this vineyard. I can't help but think of that scripture in Matthew 10 saying if we lose our life for the Lord that we shall find it, and as I contine to forget about myself and be obedient I'm truly finding my purpose and potential. 

My mission president and I are really close and he asked if he could meet us in Socorro and just say Hi on his way down to El Paso  We met up with him.  He wears Ray Ban glasses just like me so I got a pic and threw the peace sign out the window when he drove off.  haha He is awesome! We're grateful for our mission president and for how much he loves Alamo.  He calls us his "heroes" out here and that his goal in life would be to serve on Alamo .. pretty cool. 

In the Navajo culture there are four sacred mountains and the one in New Mexico is called Taylor!! How cool is that? So I want to go up and climb it someday and pray on top of it because it is named after me. haha  I joke around with the natives saying maybe if I got up there I'll come down looking like a Navajo!  

I set a goal for my mission just two mornings ago. I felt I needed to set a goal for how many convert baptisms I was going to have on my mission.  I prayed about it, and thought logically about what I could stretch and achieve...the goal is 40!  I have to get about two or so every single month until I leave.  That is sort of hard in this mission I think, but I know its possible if I work hard and pray with much strength and faith.

I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind recently and about what I feel can help. In district meeting I kind of spoke about this too, but as the title of this blog post says, "as we remain positive... we remain powerful."  I made that up randomly when I was sending out a text to someone, but I believe it with all of my heart. Each and everyone of us are powerful.  As I contemplate the complexity of our minds I've noticed how much positivity will help with our knowledge  joy and the true power that it brings. We can overcome our natural tendencies or the natural man like the scriptures say.  Now I know we all just have those sucky days when life throws us that curve ball and the opposition rises but you must remember the "glad game!"  The "glad game" is what our last mission president came out with before they left.  In the game you take EVERY single thing in your day that is negative and find a positive.  For example: "Oh no, I'm late for my meeting"; you can glad-game-it and think, "Well, at least I obeyed the law and was driving safe."  Another example: "The kids made a total mess in the house!" or glad-game-it and think, "They had a total blast playing and making it messy".  Something I always do is this: "Ah, they weren't home for their appointment;  Well, I know that the Lord must have someone else prepared for us to see."  You see the difference? Adding that positive note on the end makes ALL of the differnece. As we continue to do that in our lives we will see less negative thoughts and words, but our natures will be changed to speaking positively.   Christ was the perfect example of being positive.  He faced so much but continued every day to help others. I've noticed in my life that much opposition has been hitting me with negative thought, but as I've tried controlling my thoughts with positivity the rest of my body receives strength and I smile more and keep pressing forward. Look at the apostles and prophet... don't they just seem so happy and positive? Its because they play the "glad game!" haha  Just kidding...  I dont' know but I do know they always are positive.

From now on BE POSITIVE in all you do.  Pray that our Father in Heaven will help you with this.  It is not easy... especially in the world today, but it is possible through works and faith. 

Miracle story this week is about a guy named Shannon who should be baptized either this Saturday or the next. We were just talking to him outside and he was shoveling a hole and we read a quick scripture to him. I felt prompted to ask, "Shannon, is this book in my hand true? Is this the word of God written by your ancestors?"  He said "Yes, yes it is... I know it is true."  I said, "Well then, does that mean you believe that this church truly is Christ's true church again on the earth?"  He said, "Yes it is His true church."  Then I asked him, "Shannon, how do you know that?"  He replied with something remarkable.... "because it has changed my ENTIRE life.  Since I've met with you my family has been blessed. I've been happier.  I don't get in big fights anymore. I stopped looking for a church because they all seemed to be doing it for the wrong reason until I found truth here.  I want to follow God so that's why I want to be baptized in His true church.  I don't care what others say about me."  My companion and I were almost startled; we have never asked him that before and I was kind of nervous and wasn't sure why I asked him that.  But I do know why... it's because HE needed to hear his own testimony. That right there guys is why I'm out here.  Why I left it all for two years. Why I'm dead tired everyday.  Why I miss my family and left it all is for people like Shannon who say that this Gospel we shared with him changed his life forever.

I testify that this Gospel will and does change your life if you allow it to. Christ lives.  He is our Shepherd and as we follow Him we will not fall astray.

Love to you all and I thank you for the emails and letters of support, they help me tremendously! 

Much Love,
Elder Taylor 

This is the smallest dog I have EVER seen 

This is my awesome outfit that I made out of stuff I had in the trailer. haha 
I'm a nerd I think? 

Here we are passing candy out at the Trunk-or-treat at the church. 
We had a chili cook-off and pie cook-off! 

My 2 little friends! Makes me miss my little cousins 

Anita fed us some bomb Navajo tacos and she's super converted to the Gospel. We love her! 

This is the pic of me and Pres. looking fresh with the Rays on! haha 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Purify ... even if it is only socks.

This past week has been great. We have now set 3 baptismal dates for November 2nd so we are praying that they happen.

The work here in Alamo is starting to pick up again.  Now it is a matter of getting people to church. I LOVE the language and the culture though. Last night was the first dinner I've had from a member in the branch here in Alamo. We went to their house and had stew that had either beef or lamb in it and then fried bread. EVERYDAY they eat fried bread... I love it but it so bad for you! ha Then for dessert we had a pie that was folded in half and really good then had "poison". Poison is gummy bears in a ziploc baggie with an entire Koolaide packet in it and then hot sauce all mixed together... they love it here. It is like the strongest flavor I've ever had... super sweet and spicy. There was a cute little Navajo girl who I was playing with before dinner and she came up to me and the table and just stood by my side and grabbed my hand and just held it for like 5 minutes straight! haha  It made me miss my sister and all of my little cousins. 

As I continue to love these people as if they were my own family they begin to trust you more and let you in their heart. There is someone named Alice who is like the coolest grandma but she calls us her boys.  She bought me a blanket and gave it to me and it happens to be my favorite color. I was so grateful for it; they don't have much but she got that for me to stay warm in the winter and to not forget her. 

As I've thought about how I could better help these people I've come to the conclusion that I've got to better help myself too. I am purifying myself. Last Thursday I dedicated myself to do a 40 day purifying fast. I will write down things that I need to improve on to help me have the Spirit with me more and to be more powerful.  For example: No thinking about basketball while doing the work, or talking with everyone I see; no wanting credit or self-recognition. The talk I read talks and uses those things as an example on how to do it. By the end of the 40 days if I really try to do it and apply it I should have my nature changed as a missionary and be a more pure vessel of the Lord. Something I've done to change is my socks... yep my socks. I LOVE to wear crazy cool colored socks under my suit pants; everyone loves them and the kids like my shark socks or Superman socks but the rules say dark and conservative socks. Well in the MTC even down to last week I was wearing my cool socks. I didn't think it was a big deal, but as I thought about what to write down to help me be more pure I felt I needed to put that. I thought it wasn't that big of a deal? Am I really being disobedient? Then it came to me that, yes, I need to be a PERFECTLY obedient instrument and pure missionary. So I did it.  From that day even until now I have not worn those socks... I've only wore plain black ones. Some of you might think thats funny... its just socks, but there is a great lesson to learn from that and I've learned so much. Now I don't know if giving that up will change my life but what I do know is that I now feel no shame and that now I'm more obedient to the Lord than before. 

Another one I'm working on is my language...the way I speak. This one is HUGE for me! ha I tally up in my mind how many times i say a bad word (now I don't mean cussing but words that don't help my Spirit, as well as slang words). It's a hard process... trust me!  I've been this way for 19 years.  Trying to stop saying "dude" and "crap" is tough but I know I can change that part of me as I ask for the Lord's help. Now as I give blessings to people I feel the Spirit more. I feel more like a pure vessel but I've still got A LOT more things to work on. I challenge each of you to CUT OFF ANYTHING that takes away from the Spirit and your purity. If you do that I promise that you will feel the presence of the Spirit more, and you will grow deeper faith, but ultimately you will become a better disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all those who read my blog and support me while I'm out here! 

Time is flying by. 

Elder Taylor

Two cool knives I bought at a pawn shop!

The ziploc baggie has that stuff called " Poisin" .... the gummy bear things that Navajos love to make! haha 

This is what me and my comp wore to Zone sports! Alamo NEVER goes to it because its so far but we had 
enough miles to go so I wanted for us to have a lasting impression...  so we wore SKIRTS, DOO Rags , a GOAT Tee shirt from Walmart!  haha That is a gangster outfit! 

This was the road I drove up on Monday to Los Lunas.  Its literally in the middle of nowhere ! Some fun off road roads 

A cool sunset.  My comp took this pic when I was walking back 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

District Meeting October 12, 2013

District Meeting Agenda October 12, 2013

Hymn 239 Choose the Right

Prayer: Sister Clark

Recitations: Elder Gibson

5 Minute Talk on Conversion: Sister Johnson

Accountability/ Miracle story

Adjusting to Missionary life Section

Teaching Towards Commitments /

Review of Zone meeting. Read section out of Preach My Gospel and scripture to match! 

-WE ARE A BAPTIZING mission. The new key indicators.

-Teaching all Lessons leading to a specific Commitment
through it all. NO SURPRISES!

-Teaching Commandments from lesson 1 to baptism.
No more waiting to teach commandments till you feel
they are converted. They will be Prepared for baptismal Interview.

-Be prepared for the spirit to tell you specific questions to
ask for specific answers. Be Bold, Be inspired!!

-Simplicity is Strength . Share thoughts below :
When you are first teaching a child math are you going to teach
them how to count 1-10 or Algebra??  Duh!  You are going to teach
them to count simple numbers, and then go from there. There is a
foundation or a simple truth to all concepts. For instance, when we teach
people the Gospel we have teach it on a basic level. Go down
into your foundation of a testimony on what your teaching and I promise
you'll gain more then before. I believe that the more simple you teach
things there is more power and strength to it, and that will help with their
progress and ultimate progression. Fewer words will always go further. Go
back to your basics of what your faith has been built on, then teach that and bare
your solemn testimony of your experience.

Role Plays : Teaching towards making and keeping commitments with
investigators and less actives in any lesson as well as Teaching commandments. Teach SIMPLE truths.

Record Revelation received as a district through the role plays on board and set goals. 

Closing Remarks – Inspirational Quote/ scripture. Kill OFF, DO WORK!

Hymn: 134 I believe in Christ

Closing Prayer : Elder Taylor

Conducting Music : Sister Croft

Pianist : Elder Taylor

Faithful Navajos and Two Faithful Bilaga'anas= Miracles.

I had a really big week! So many things have happened so I'm going to try to get to all of the important things. 

Last Wednesday we saw a guy named Joe (who I found about two weeks ago) and he invited us to go by and teach him and his family.  He's my favorite because he's from Cali... he actually was a hard core gangster; he's crippled and has gone to prison and everything.  Everytime we are over there we talk a little about back home and hip hop and stuff...  we are really close!  Anyways we went to his house for the second time and was praying that his girlfriend Madaline would listen, but she didn't (it was almost like she had a bad attitude about it all). Well, I started teaching with my companion and the whole time I tried to ask both of them questions hoping that she would talk. Then, all of a sudden she opened up and totally VENTED!  She went off for like 5 minutes about all the crap she has gone through in her life and that when her son was born 3 years ago was when she kind of believed in God again. She had lost faith in the past because of all that she had gone through (which was a ton).  After all of it I was at a loss with words; I had NO idea what to say back.  I couldn't say anything... I've never experienced even one-fourth of what she's gone through, but I did know who has... the Savior. I spoke of Him and that the Priesthood of God is again on the earth and that it is the authority to act in God's name and that we could give her a blessing. At first she said no but we kept trying and Joe was encouraging her too.  Finally about 10 min later she said yes. As I put my hands on her head I felt this extreme love towards her and prayed with all of my heart that this blessing would be all she needed. Afterwards she looked more at peace and had tears in her eyes, as did Joe. A few days later we saw her and she told me that when I put my hands on her head that she felt as if I had strings connected from my hand to her feet, and I was pulling all of the pains from the bottom to the top of her body. She said that her heart has no more pain; she is at peace and knew that only God could have healed her.  Then, at the end of our talk she said that she told Joe that she wanted to be baptized! I was FREAKING out!  haha  We hadn't even talked to her about baptism but she knew we do them and that Christ was baptized and that she saw a miracle.

The next day I gave a blessing to Anita who has been a member for about five months now.  Her uncle was sick and was going to pass. She was super involved with the Native American church... she was like the medicine woman and would always hide from the missionaries but she was converted and is SUPER faithful now. I gave her a blessing of comfort. She said afterwards that the presence of the Lord was there, and that she saw Him dressed in white and tried to go and touch his hands but she couldn't.  She also felt at peace as she saw water and a sunset by the clouds ( she always sees that one). She strengthend my faith by her faith in the priesthood.

Then, later on I gave a blessing to Flora who is a recent convert too but super old. She almost lost her foot last week because she has an ulcer on it. Her blessing was powerful.  I knew that she is one of God's most righteous daughters. I received many spiritual promptings while blessing her, and said very bold things that I have never said before in a blessing. I told her after that she is very special and has great faith.  She just smiled and looked up at me!

Friday was the 1st day of Indian Days. It is only once a year and bascially is a huge fun event, with different contests, a parade, music and booths.  We went there on Friday and I dropped a ton of money on Christmas gifts and cool things, but it was so worth it! ha  Well, the Church here bought a booth for us so that we could get people interested in the Gospel. So we checked out the spot for Saturday and everything. I got called out in the crowd from the announcer to yell as loud as I could and to compete with a Navajo... he said, "It looks like a white man can yell louder!"  haha  That evening we had to plan everything. I felt much stress on my shoulders because nothing was really planned.  We and the Crofts ( senior couple) had to do everything for it. That evening I prayed that my mother's spirit would be with me on Saturday so that everything will be organized and go well.

Saturday morning we did posters and set up the booth. We had to help with the float for the young men and young women in the parade but then we were asked to judge the parade competition. So us elders and the Socorro sister missionaries (who were up to help) judged this HUGE parade and they take it serious! haha  Everyone was giving us free stuff trying to suck up to us for more points!  haha It was awesome!  After we had the booth, they filled out a survey for free water, a chance to win firewood or a framed picture of Christ. Many people filled it out.  The few Navajos who helped got a ton of people to fill it out.  We were hoping more Navajos would help but next year we know they will!  There were a TON of people there from all different reservations so I got to meet a ton of people and to see dancing and music and the chainsaw competetion.  Elder Croft was asked to say the closing prayer for Indian Days... another huge way to get our name out.

After that I had to do district meeting that night. Talk about a full day but it was good though. I prayed hard that the meeting would be still spiritual and good even after our long day. We spoke about our new way of teaching people to help them know commitments and the commandments. It is SUPER powerful stuff; like this new teaching style will change the mission's success. At the end I bore my testimony after a quote we read about God sending His angels to our side. I said that I Know my mom was with me today and that she was helping me organize everything and to make sure it all went smoothly. I also said that the ancestors of these people were leading them to come to our booth so that they can find this Gospel. I also said that our ancestors are the first angels that Gd sends to our aid; that they are just waiting to come down and to help lift our burdens. Almost all of us were in tears.  We felt the Spirit of the Lord in that room as well as many angels round about us.  There was a comfort in feeling the veil so thin together and knowing that they are there to help us. I felt my mother with me and closed by speaking of having an eternal perspective in all things. We sang God Be With You Til' We Meet Again and everyone was emotional.  I played it on the piano and also a sister in our district was being transferred so it was fitting for that too. Such a great way to end !

The next day I gave a blessing to a less-active mom who has faced horrific trials in her life. I've talked about her before. Well, she's had a really bad tooth pain and feels it in like her shoulder too and can't eat so she asked that I give her a blessing. After I asked her what do you feel? what stood out to you? She touched her face and said... it doesn't hurt anymore, and the pain is leaving me now.  Her face was almost shoked and she said I do know now that God is always with me.

I know this is a long email but I TESTIFY that God is always with you; even when you think He is not.  Miracles happen everyday; these are just a few that have happend this last week. The priesthood of God is real; I can testify to that with all of my heart and conviction because I've been a mouth-piece.  I've been privileged to be the healing hands for those with afflictions.  I've felt the sacredness of this divine authority. This reservation KNOWS us; everyone knows who we two billyganas are who visit all these people. Now, after Indian Days, because we were so involved they recognize us. Great things are going to happen here... I can just feel it. Thank you for the support and letters.

Check out the video below because it is a video taken a year ago HERE in Alamo. The Church filmed the previous senior missionaries.  Almost EVERY Navajo you see in it I teach and the trailer behind the church is where I live :)

Much love,
Elder Taylor 


Some random pictures that someone else took on their camera! 
Taken without me knowing!  ha  

Me and my comp!! Elder GIbson ! 

I'm on the phone trying to figure stuff out for the float and that is a donkey right behind me! 

This little guy's name is Tiger ... he's awesome!  My lil' homie.  He was showing off his fish in the picture.

I got my hair cut on Pday.  The clippers were shorter than I expected so my head had to be shaved that length!  ha 

I  look like a army dude with the glasses on Huh? 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Four-day weekend

I was so blessed the last few days... that's why I called it a "4-day weekend." 

On Friday it was zone meeting and it was so powerful. The mission is drastically changing for the better.  Our minds were so enlightened.  We now are here to encourage people to commit;  basically, we usually start out talking about the restoration of the Gospel and then at the end we bring up baptism.  The people will say, "Wait. What?  You never mentioned that before. Where did that come from?"  Now, when we include baptism as our commitment, teach the lesson,  and keep referring to baptism they will see the importance of it!  IT WORKS!  I'm grateful for it.

Then, the next day was General Conference, which was awesome!! I got to see my boy Elder Holland's talk which was bomb and I also loved the talk by the 70 member who was from Africa; wow, so powerful. The priesthood session, of course, was great and inspiring. I'm so grateful to have this priesthood authority to act in the name of God; its breathtaking as I learn about it. 

Of course the Sunday of General Conference was also so powerful. I really enjoyed hearing our beloved prophet talk about losing his wife and about his testimony.  I received confirmation again and again that he truly is the only true prophet on the earth. Later that day even though general conference took up our day , we went out all fired-up with the Spirit and taught 9 lessons that day!! That's pretty good for that small amount of time we had. Also, in zone meeting my district was the #1 in the whole zone!  haha I'm getting a little prideful but I'm just so proud. Also Alamo, my area, is #1 in the zone.  We teach an average of 7 more lessons a week than the 2nd highest;  I'm also grateful for that blessing from the Lord but we have SO much more work to do and to fix! 

Then on Monday was the temple day :) Ahhh, I was so excited for it!!  We left Alamo at 6am with Elder and Sister Croft who are the awesome senior missionaries here on the reservation.  We got to the temple and I immediately felt the Spirit. On the way to the temple we saw all of the hot air balloons in the air for the festival... so that was cool. While at the temple I prayed more than ever before. Every second that I didn't have to talk or do anything during the session I was bowing my head and communicating with my Heavenly Father.  I can't explain it, but I just never wanted to stop praying. The new temple video, by the way, is SO great... I loved it!   There were four things I specifically was praying for. I started praying about those specific things a day or two before the visit so I was prepared for the temple and continually prayed for those things while in the temple. I've already at this moment in time gotten closer to the answer that I'm searching for and I feel spiritual strength more abundantly. 

I want to share something personal and amazing that happened in the temple. This is the miracle for me this week.  After being in the celestial room we were all directed to the sealing room so that our mission president could speak to us all. Well, I was the last one out the celestial room because I was praying and didn't want leave.  Ha!  Our beloved mission president started talking. The Spirit was there.  Then the Mission President said that some of us out in this mission have faced much opposition and trial to be out here. I was sitting next to one of my best mission buddies Elder Krebs.  He has been my zone leader in El Paso and now here and he goes home in like 2 months. This amazing thing happened. His mother also passed away just like my mom and we both have really helped each other and we have a bond because of it.  So, as I heard President say that I thought of Elder Krebs and how hard it is to lose a mother; and then its as if I saw this in my head... my mom and his mom together, holding on to each other and looking down on us, their sons, with tears of joy in their eyes for us being out on our missions. I know that they were saying, "Look at our boys working so hard for the Lord and for this eternal Gospel... we are so proud."  Later in the changing room I told him about that and he looked over at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Elder, I want you to know that as you told me of that experience the Holy Ghost just testified to me that it was true.  Thank you so much!"  We hugged and I felt so much love it was amazing. I know its hard to probably understand that experience on here [the blog] but it was amazing and I felt so happy to know that my mom is proud. 

This Gospel is TRUE!  I KNOW this because I've tested what I teach people. I have not told anyone I've taught to do something that I haven't done myself; neither did the Savior... He never asks us to do something He hasn't done... EVER.

My favorite quote from General Conference was by President Uchtdorf.  He said "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith".  Remember everyone that Satan's tool is doubt... to make you lose your faith. Doubt what Satan is  telling you before you doubt what you have faith and believe in. We are all constantly attacked... even me.  I'll tell you and be honest that even as a missionary I'm attacked DAILY.  I hate it but I grow from it because I don't let Satan's doubts bring me down ...  because my faith overpowers Satan as I nurture it.

Love to you all.  May the Lord and His precious angels lift you up and bless you as you live His glorious Gospel. 

Elder Taylor 

Got a hair cut by a sister in my district and she didnt mess it up which is good! ha

some cute dogs that kept following me everywhere

On Saturday me and my companion "high-priested" it with
 different color pants and jacket!  haha 

Temple trip with some Elders in my zone! 

This was what it looked like Monday morning when we woke up! 

Our Pday hike with my district... it was really fun! 
That is a view of Magdalena in the back ground... it was beautiful ! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Simplicity is Strength

Hey everyone!  The past week or so have been good. I'm not going to lie to everyone and act like being a missionary is always "perfect." haha  Because it's not.  Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'll tell ya how it is and this last week was good. But, whenever it's like that it means the next week will be great! 

A lot of this has to do with us having to drive out of town a lot.  I've driven 2,738 miles in one month!  I had to drive to Albuquerque 3 times and to Los Lunas and Socorro a lot;  so it's been crazy. 

There was a missionary fireside last Saturday with Elder Richards who used to be a member of the Quorum of the Seventy and was on the board of creating Preach my Gospel. Our AP is actually his grandson, so that was cool, and he gave great council and insight.  But, what was even cooler to me was that I got to see all the missionaries from my MTC district!  I haven't seen them since we got into the mission field.  I got to see Elders Schneider, Jensen and Mongalia.  It was great to see all my buddies. We got home at 1:30 in the morning and went to bed;  then we woke up early the next day for church. There were 4 Navajos who bore their testimonies and it was so great, simple and powerful ! 

What I wanted to write about is something I've learned a lot about lately.  When you are first teaching a child math are you going to teach them how to count 1-10 or Algebra??  Duh!  You are going to teach them to count, and then go from there. There is a foundation or a simple truth to all concepts. For instance, when I teach people the Gosepl I teach it on a basic foundation level.  Now that I'm here I have to teach even simpler. That is part of the answer that  I've received about how to help the Navajos truly convert to the Gospel. TO TEACH SIMPLE. Teach simple but true principles. In my last area I could talk more eloquent and use a lot of scripture to back up what I was teaching. Here I have the privlidge to learn SO MUCH. I get to go back to the even simpler truths then I was using before. I get to go down into my foundation of a testimony on what I'm teaching and I get to really help strengthen that testimony. I believe that the more simple you teach things there is more power and strength to it, and that will help the other person understand. Fewer words will always go further. The Navajos here are not blessed with good education at all and it's sad, but luckily we can teach so that they can feel the Spirit of the Lord and that's all that matters. My mind has been opened up to so much ... going back to the basics of what my faith has been built upon!  I  challenge each and every one of you that are reading this to turn to the simple things in life both spiritually and temporally and I promise it will open your eyes to things. 

We visited Donna Babit who lives about 15 miles north of us and she is super sweet. When we walked in she had a little bucket full of water and was bathing her child. They only can wash themselves a few times a week because it's expensive to get water let alone running water. She has a little stove with wood under it and a house that is falling apart. I'm EXTREMELY humbled here, to know I get to go back to a nice trailer with heated water, enough water to shower with , a fridge of food, and my own personal bed. This woman has faced horrific trials in her life as a mother and as a woman, yet she continues to tell us every time we go over there that she's praying all the time to God. She mentioned that she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and thanks the Lord for all she has. 

Remember everyone that someone always has it worse then you do; remain humble and grateful in all you have :) 

Thanks for the letters and emails everyone... they help me a ton!

Elder Taylor 

Me wearing my companion's glasses.... haha!  I felt so much smarter wearing them! 

Sorry I didn't take too many pics last week... I'll take more for next week

On p-day we went climbing and looking for some cool stuff! 
We found a ruin of a hogan which was cool and we climbed this little mountain.