Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Purify ... even if it is only socks.

This past week has been great. We have now set 3 baptismal dates for November 2nd so we are praying that they happen.

The work here in Alamo is starting to pick up again.  Now it is a matter of getting people to church. I LOVE the language and the culture though. Last night was the first dinner I've had from a member in the branch here in Alamo. We went to their house and had stew that had either beef or lamb in it and then fried bread. EVERYDAY they eat fried bread... I love it but it so bad for you! ha Then for dessert we had a pie that was folded in half and really good then had "poison". Poison is gummy bears in a ziploc baggie with an entire Koolaide packet in it and then hot sauce all mixed together... they love it here. It is like the strongest flavor I've ever had... super sweet and spicy. There was a cute little Navajo girl who I was playing with before dinner and she came up to me and the table and just stood by my side and grabbed my hand and just held it for like 5 minutes straight! haha  It made me miss my sister and all of my little cousins. 

As I continue to love these people as if they were my own family they begin to trust you more and let you in their heart. There is someone named Alice who is like the coolest grandma but she calls us her boys.  She bought me a blanket and gave it to me and it happens to be my favorite color. I was so grateful for it; they don't have much but she got that for me to stay warm in the winter and to not forget her. 

As I've thought about how I could better help these people I've come to the conclusion that I've got to better help myself too. I am purifying myself. Last Thursday I dedicated myself to do a 40 day purifying fast. I will write down things that I need to improve on to help me have the Spirit with me more and to be more powerful.  For example: No thinking about basketball while doing the work, or talking with everyone I see; no wanting credit or self-recognition. The talk I read talks and uses those things as an example on how to do it. By the end of the 40 days if I really try to do it and apply it I should have my nature changed as a missionary and be a more pure vessel of the Lord. Something I've done to change is my socks... yep my socks. I LOVE to wear crazy cool colored socks under my suit pants; everyone loves them and the kids like my shark socks or Superman socks but the rules say dark and conservative socks. Well in the MTC even down to last week I was wearing my cool socks. I didn't think it was a big deal, but as I thought about what to write down to help me be more pure I felt I needed to put that. I thought it wasn't that big of a deal? Am I really being disobedient? Then it came to me that, yes, I need to be a PERFECTLY obedient instrument and pure missionary. So I did it.  From that day even until now I have not worn those socks... I've only wore plain black ones. Some of you might think thats funny... its just socks, but there is a great lesson to learn from that and I've learned so much. Now I don't know if giving that up will change my life but what I do know is that I now feel no shame and that now I'm more obedient to the Lord than before. 

Another one I'm working on is my language...the way I speak. This one is HUGE for me! ha I tally up in my mind how many times i say a bad word (now I don't mean cussing but words that don't help my Spirit, as well as slang words). It's a hard process... trust me!  I've been this way for 19 years.  Trying to stop saying "dude" and "crap" is tough but I know I can change that part of me as I ask for the Lord's help. Now as I give blessings to people I feel the Spirit more. I feel more like a pure vessel but I've still got A LOT more things to work on. I challenge each of you to CUT OFF ANYTHING that takes away from the Spirit and your purity. If you do that I promise that you will feel the presence of the Spirit more, and you will grow deeper faith, but ultimately you will become a better disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all those who read my blog and support me while I'm out here! 

Time is flying by. 

Elder Taylor

Two cool knives I bought at a pawn shop!

The ziploc baggie has that stuff called " Poisin" .... the gummy bear things that Navajos love to make! haha 

This is what me and my comp wore to Zone sports! Alamo NEVER goes to it because its so far but we had 
enough miles to go so I wanted for us to have a lasting impression...  so we wore SKIRTS, DOO Rags , a GOAT Tee shirt from Walmart!  haha That is a gangster outfit! 

This was the road I drove up on Monday to Los Lunas.  Its literally in the middle of nowhere ! Some fun off road roads 

A cool sunset.  My comp took this pic when I was walking back 

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