Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 Hey, hope you all had a fantastic week because I know I did.

First thing is Keiana's baptism. It went super great, besides the little issues, like not finding a baptismal suit for her to wear for her baptism, until like 5 minutes before it started!! haha But everything always works out in the end.      

Truly I'm so thankful for her, that I was able to be there since day one when we met her and was able to baptize her and see her continue to progress in the gospel. I want to tell you a little about her story. She has grown up with members, one of her really good friends is on a mission right now and told her if she wanted to know what he's doing to go find some missionaries and talk to them. So, some elders in my zone were reading in the white handbook and it says to  vary the routes you travel, so they decided to walk another way than before. While walking in the road they ran into Keiana who was looking for some missionaries.  We went by because she's YSA (young single adult) and started teaching her. EVERY commitment we left she did, and more. She started a 90 day Book of Mormon reading and is already like half way through the Book of Mormon. I could see such a change in her from day one to now and how happy she is to have the gospel and friends at the branch who love her and have the same beliefs; because truly we are all a team and are here to help each other endure to the end. She has changed my life for the better and has taught me so much. She even had 5 non-member friends at her baptism, she's awesome! Can't wait to see her continue to grow and go to the temple someday.

Speaking of the temple, I had the opportunity to go to the temple on Monday. We paired up with another zone and went. I got to see my old companion Elder Ahloy who I trained and other missionaries I have served with before in the mission, even ones that I have been to the temple with before. The spirit was so strong, it was so sacred in there. We all meet in the little chapel at first and hear from the temple president and his great wisdom, then we go to the endowment room, and we finish in the celestial room. At that point, I happend to be the first elder in there and was able to see all the missionaries in my zone walk into the celestial room, it felt like heaven. Just seeing the light in their faces and the smiles they had truly testified to me that the earth isn't home; we truly can make it to the celestial kingdom to be there with loved ones forever. After that, we went to the sealing room, where our mission president spoke to us … boy, was it powerful. He talked about covenants, and what we truly promise when we go into the temple, and what the blessings are that we can receive. I learned so many things I never knew. I received guidance for my life and peace to questions I have had. Truly, I want to make the temple a main prioroty in my life when I am home and to go often, it ALWAYS brings me back on track to where I'm supposed to be going. 

It was a Spiritual Feast these last few days! I love the branch more and more here. Seriously there are amazing YSA in our little branch and all the hard work is paying off! 

Much love to you all,

Elder Justin Taylor 

My companion Elder Snyder and I at the temple

Keiana's Baptism

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Open Your Mouth

Hey everyone!  Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf; I am doing a lot better and have recovered faster than what I thought.

I have a new companion, Elder Snyder, who is from the greatest place on earth... SAN DIEGO BABY! Everyone jokes about how they got 2 SD boys together as companions.  We just tell them we are one-of-a-kind. It has been fun though; we have already done great work together in our area and in our assignments. 

Out of the crazy busy last week and getting things going again I learnt a great lesson... how important it is to get over fears and open my mouth. My companion is a great example of this.  I spent so much of my mission out in the middle of nowhere and most of the time because of laws I was not able to proselyte; now, in this area, I can ...  and there are a ton of people so talking with everyone is easy. I haven't been the best at it but now I feel a lot more confidence, but mainly guidance as I go talk to random people; even if it feels awkward I do it because I know the purpose. Truly I can't tell you how many times we have just turned into a random place or walked to a random place because we felt prompted to and there is just a YSA age person outside or fixing a car. The Lord is putting people ages 18 to 31 in our path and we are trying our best to look for them. Many people are open to talk about the Gospel and beliefs and their life; we just judge and think they won't. As you be yourself and get over your pride and fear and just open your mouth the Lord will help but also you will be suprised at the blessings you recieve for it... I can testify of that. I hope I'm always bold and loving to those I meet around me and am always trying to share the Gospel and how it has blessed me. 

Keiana Carr is getting baptized this Satuday!!!  I'm so excited for it. There hasn't been a baptism in this branch since last November so its a big deal and a ton of people are planning on going to support her.  She's a wonderful girl and has been prepared for so long.   Can't wait for saturday! 

Love you all, and I love this work ...  even though I'm tired ALL of the time! 

Elder Taylor 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Its Transfers

Can't believe how fast time is going by... seriously too fast. Its another transfer and my comp is leaving tomorrow morning. I'm bummed out about it but I know that he will do great. He is now going to train and be a district leader in a struggling district so he will do great. 

We had our SMCM report (which is when every month we report to the Stake Presidency and usually a high counselor over missionary work and our mission president and his counselor are there). Seriously, it is so cool. This time was different than all of the other ones because this time our mission president didn't go... so he texted and said good luck and he knows we will do well representing the mission.  haha Yea, no pressure!  But it went well. We talked about the new "Meet the Mormons" movie that is coming out and how that will help this stake a lot because they will probably be showing it in a local theater and hopefully a lot of non-members go. We think this will help people be more receptive to the church, as well as receptive to missionaries who knock on their door. 

There is a great spirit going on right now. I feel an extra added push to do more and to work harder. Thank you all for the support you gave me and my family on the 9th; truly it was a wonderful day to me. I met with my mission president for about a hour and a half and just talked.  I kind of shared my story and about the things that happend in my life right before my mission; we cried and laughed, but it was one of the most spiritual conversations and experiences I have ever had!
I'm excited for this next transfer. Every companionship in my zone is changing except for one so there will be a new mindset and fire going on. I want everyone in their mind to know that were a baptizing and perfectly-obedient zone.  I know if we all have that mindset then the Lord will help us reach new heights! 

Thanks again for everything.
Change is always good everyone ... it helps us to have new experiences. 

Elder T


Pic of the district

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Special Day

I don't even know where to begin this email, I am sure a lot of you have been waiting to see what I write on this day, the 9th, the 2nd year mark of my mother's passing. To be honest I have no words. I have pondered on what I wanted to write and express but I have no words to describe what I feel inside. My heart is full at this time. It's so very bittersweet today for me. 2 years ago from yesterday on the small island of Hawaii, I received my mission call to the Albuquerque, New Mexico mission. I can't even begin to describe the feelings I had at that time; to be honest I wasn't too happy to be called here. I thought I was going some where else. That evening I remember walking by the temple and it was raining (side note last night it was raining and it reminded me of this night of the 8th of September, 2012) and I was told that my mission isn't for me it's for others and that there are specific people I need to help and that the Lord's called me there. I felt so much energy, the Holy Ghost confirmed to me that I needed to serve in that mission. I remember texting my dad that night telling him I wanted to tell mom the next day where I was serving because she was too sick to hear when I called earlier. I went to bed that night with a strong missionary spirit, determined to conquer my misson and to serve my heart out. Little did I know what was in store for me the next day... little did I know that my life was going to change more than I ever thought possible, little did I know that someone else in my family would recieve a mission call as well... 
Next morning was the first Sunday in my new student ward, I remember being excited to tell my mom where I was serving later that day. 2nd hour of church I remember being asked to stand in my mission preparation class and announce where I got called to serve and everone clapped and that got me more excited for my misison. It was in the 3rd hour of church in priesthood that changed my life forever. I will never forget the text I got from my dad hearing that my mom's not doing good. I remember freaking out but knowing that all is ok, it has to be, she's fine, she's gonna call me soon. Waiting and waiting for a response, finally my roomate told me I should just go out and call him, so I did. I remember the clock on the wall, the chair I sat in, the door I walked out of as if I'm there now. Not knowing what was to come once I walked out of the church, the 2nd crack on the right in a pathway is when my dad answered and told me... 
My life flipped. My world changed, every nightmare came true, I wanted someone to pinch me and wake me up. I had to at that time decide if there truly is a God and if so, if he knew me and why he would let this happen. I'm sorry to say but my faith was tested, I had much anger in my heart and sorrow. I didn't know what to believe. Later I had the experience too sacred to share here, many of you know it from the funeral, but that was when I was built up. When I knew that my Savior lived, that He loved me. That my mother was not far, that this was part of a plan, a divine plan, that this had to happen. That my mom, as well as myself, had a greater calling in our lives together, that our bond would only get stronger.  
I again will say, as I said over a year ago in one of my emails, the greatest trials you face will be the greatest blessings you receive, I testify that that is true. I know now for a fact that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, that there truly is life after death, that families can be together forever and that there is a plan of happiness for all of us. I love my life more and appreciate it so much more because of this trial, I have been able to bear this witness to those who have lost hope in a God and in a happy life; because of this trial I have been an instrument in God's hand to help bring the world truth. I know that my mom is by my side, she has been a sustaining help to me, she has been teaching and serving others her whole mortal life and now her life in the spirit world.  
I know at times I struggle, I have grief or anger because I miss her, and that this email might sound depressing but I hope it doesn't. I want to share with you all what was on my mind 2 years ago and how much I have changed from that day. Nothing is going to stop me from being EXACTLY the son my mother raised me to be, who she always saw me to be, who she believed I could become. I'm on my course back to her and living in such a way to do that. My family is eternal and to me that is the only thing that keeps me going day to day; knowing that my dad, Dylan, and Jessica and I will one day be with my beautiful mother. 

Let's remember to make it a Claudine day by helping others around you, but not just for today, but always, because my mother always served.
Though time might go on, some people may forget how special this day is, I want you to all know that I will never forget this day, because the 9th of September is where I truly found out who Justin Williams Taylor is and that God does live and how important family truly is. 

Love to you all, 

The SON of the Greatest Woman to Live  

Heres a poem I wrote for my mom on last Mother's Day but just never sent it: 

Charity, diligence, and virtue is how you lived your life
always striving to be Christ like.
I'll never forget that every night
you'd come sit at my bedside.
We would talk about my life
and all my dreams I had deep inside.
You'd leave with an "I love you" as you looked in my eye
I knew you loved me and never lied. 
Now its the 2nd Mothers Day 
that you have been gone to what people think is so far away 
but I know it's not too far because I feel you with me as I pray.
Even as I struggle with my challenges everday 
I know your Near, I hope you Stay,
My Vision is Clear, I'm headed your way.
I've got to live better than my past 
to progress and grow and be my best. 
So that our little beautiful family 
may join in heaven to then be in rest
from all our trials together and all our tests.
If we just endure this time of separation 
I am sure, that we will be eternally blessed!

Love you, Mom! 

2 Weeks ago we hiked up to the volcanos here and got the best zone picture ever!

haha This zone is so awesome! I love it!  

All the Elders who have served on ALAMO... we are called the "Alamo Brothers"! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Restoration

Hey everyone, hope all is well in your lives. Thanks for all the prayers you say on my behalf, I know much of the blessings I receive are because of your prayers!

This past week has literally flown by so fast, time keeps getting faster and faster, I hate it haha and it seems like everyone asks me how long I've been out and I hate that, too. Wish I could just stay out here forever!

So this past week I had a very sweet tender mercy from the Lord. Since I have been here in Albuquerque I haven't taught really a lot at all or had SUPER spiritual experiences in lessons (not trying to be negative) but this lesson we had a few days ago was amazing. We were teaching this guy named Patrick who knows everyone in the stake and the stake leaders because he works for boy scouts and is a camp director and the young women camp was at his camp. He happens to be a YSA (young single adult) in our stake so we just met him a few weeks back and got to know him and finally taught him the restoration. The spirit was so strong in that room, you can tell his heart was humbled. I just said a prayer in my heart that I would speak by the power of the Holy Ghost and that I will only follow the spirit. No words can describe the power in that room, I testified and shared Joseph Smith's First Vision and I KNOW for a fact that He saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ; my testimony grew every stronger just by bearing that witness to him. At the end with the spirit in the room we invited him to come closer to Christ by being baptized and he agreed to it and says when he receives that answer he will follow it!! I'm so excited. He said if he knows that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet he will wonder why he waited so long for him to find out and to join this church, we know he will come to a testimony that he's a prophet.
I KNOW this church is true, I know the Holy Ghost truly is the SENIOR companion to us all and will help guide and train us and give us the words we need to say to touch other's hearts.
Love you all,

Elder Taylor