Monday, September 15, 2014

Its Transfers

Can't believe how fast time is going by... seriously too fast. Its another transfer and my comp is leaving tomorrow morning. I'm bummed out about it but I know that he will do great. He is now going to train and be a district leader in a struggling district so he will do great. 

We had our SMCM report (which is when every month we report to the Stake Presidency and usually a high counselor over missionary work and our mission president and his counselor are there). Seriously, it is so cool. This time was different than all of the other ones because this time our mission president didn't go... so he texted and said good luck and he knows we will do well representing the mission.  haha Yea, no pressure!  But it went well. We talked about the new "Meet the Mormons" movie that is coming out and how that will help this stake a lot because they will probably be showing it in a local theater and hopefully a lot of non-members go. We think this will help people be more receptive to the church, as well as receptive to missionaries who knock on their door. 

There is a great spirit going on right now. I feel an extra added push to do more and to work harder. Thank you all for the support you gave me and my family on the 9th; truly it was a wonderful day to me. I met with my mission president for about a hour and a half and just talked.  I kind of shared my story and about the things that happend in my life right before my mission; we cried and laughed, but it was one of the most spiritual conversations and experiences I have ever had!
I'm excited for this next transfer. Every companionship in my zone is changing except for one so there will be a new mindset and fire going on. I want everyone in their mind to know that were a baptizing and perfectly-obedient zone.  I know if we all have that mindset then the Lord will help us reach new heights! 

Thanks again for everything.
Change is always good everyone ... it helps us to have new experiences. 

Elder T


Pic of the district

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