Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Faithful Navajos and Two Faithful Bilaga'anas= Miracles.

I had a really big week! So many things have happened so I'm going to try to get to all of the important things. 

Last Wednesday we saw a guy named Joe (who I found about two weeks ago) and he invited us to go by and teach him and his family.  He's my favorite because he's from Cali... he actually was a hard core gangster; he's crippled and has gone to prison and everything.  Everytime we are over there we talk a little about back home and hip hop and stuff...  we are really close!  Anyways we went to his house for the second time and was praying that his girlfriend Madaline would listen, but she didn't (it was almost like she had a bad attitude about it all). Well, I started teaching with my companion and the whole time I tried to ask both of them questions hoping that she would talk. Then, all of a sudden she opened up and totally VENTED!  She went off for like 5 minutes about all the crap she has gone through in her life and that when her son was born 3 years ago was when she kind of believed in God again. She had lost faith in the past because of all that she had gone through (which was a ton).  After all of it I was at a loss with words; I had NO idea what to say back.  I couldn't say anything... I've never experienced even one-fourth of what she's gone through, but I did know who has... the Savior. I spoke of Him and that the Priesthood of God is again on the earth and that it is the authority to act in God's name and that we could give her a blessing. At first she said no but we kept trying and Joe was encouraging her too.  Finally about 10 min later she said yes. As I put my hands on her head I felt this extreme love towards her and prayed with all of my heart that this blessing would be all she needed. Afterwards she looked more at peace and had tears in her eyes, as did Joe. A few days later we saw her and she told me that when I put my hands on her head that she felt as if I had strings connected from my hand to her feet, and I was pulling all of the pains from the bottom to the top of her body. She said that her heart has no more pain; she is at peace and knew that only God could have healed her.  Then, at the end of our talk she said that she told Joe that she wanted to be baptized! I was FREAKING out!  haha  We hadn't even talked to her about baptism but she knew we do them and that Christ was baptized and that she saw a miracle.

The next day I gave a blessing to Anita who has been a member for about five months now.  Her uncle was sick and was going to pass. She was super involved with the Native American church... she was like the medicine woman and would always hide from the missionaries but she was converted and is SUPER faithful now. I gave her a blessing of comfort. She said afterwards that the presence of the Lord was there, and that she saw Him dressed in white and tried to go and touch his hands but she couldn't.  She also felt at peace as she saw water and a sunset by the clouds ( she always sees that one). She strengthend my faith by her faith in the priesthood.

Then, later on I gave a blessing to Flora who is a recent convert too but super old. She almost lost her foot last week because she has an ulcer on it. Her blessing was powerful.  I knew that she is one of God's most righteous daughters. I received many spiritual promptings while blessing her, and said very bold things that I have never said before in a blessing. I told her after that she is very special and has great faith.  She just smiled and looked up at me!

Friday was the 1st day of Indian Days. It is only once a year and bascially is a huge fun event, with different contests, a parade, music and booths.  We went there on Friday and I dropped a ton of money on Christmas gifts and cool things, but it was so worth it! ha  Well, the Church here bought a booth for us so that we could get people interested in the Gospel. So we checked out the spot for Saturday and everything. I got called out in the crowd from the announcer to yell as loud as I could and to compete with a Navajo... he said, "It looks like a white man can yell louder!"  haha  That evening we had to plan everything. I felt much stress on my shoulders because nothing was really planned.  We and the Crofts ( senior couple) had to do everything for it. That evening I prayed that my mother's spirit would be with me on Saturday so that everything will be organized and go well.

Saturday morning we did posters and set up the booth. We had to help with the float for the young men and young women in the parade but then we were asked to judge the parade competition. So us elders and the Socorro sister missionaries (who were up to help) judged this HUGE parade and they take it serious! haha  Everyone was giving us free stuff trying to suck up to us for more points!  haha It was awesome!  After we had the booth, they filled out a survey for free water, a chance to win firewood or a framed picture of Christ. Many people filled it out.  The few Navajos who helped got a ton of people to fill it out.  We were hoping more Navajos would help but next year we know they will!  There were a TON of people there from all different reservations so I got to meet a ton of people and to see dancing and music and the chainsaw competetion.  Elder Croft was asked to say the closing prayer for Indian Days... another huge way to get our name out.

After that I had to do district meeting that night. Talk about a full day but it was good though. I prayed hard that the meeting would be still spiritual and good even after our long day. We spoke about our new way of teaching people to help them know commitments and the commandments. It is SUPER powerful stuff; like this new teaching style will change the mission's success. At the end I bore my testimony after a quote we read about God sending His angels to our side. I said that I Know my mom was with me today and that she was helping me organize everything and to make sure it all went smoothly. I also said that the ancestors of these people were leading them to come to our booth so that they can find this Gospel. I also said that our ancestors are the first angels that Gd sends to our aid; that they are just waiting to come down and to help lift our burdens. Almost all of us were in tears.  We felt the Spirit of the Lord in that room as well as many angels round about us.  There was a comfort in feeling the veil so thin together and knowing that they are there to help us. I felt my mother with me and closed by speaking of having an eternal perspective in all things. We sang God Be With You Til' We Meet Again and everyone was emotional.  I played it on the piano and also a sister in our district was being transferred so it was fitting for that too. Such a great way to end !

The next day I gave a blessing to a less-active mom who has faced horrific trials in her life. I've talked about her before. Well, she's had a really bad tooth pain and feels it in like her shoulder too and can't eat so she asked that I give her a blessing. After I asked her what do you feel? what stood out to you? She touched her face and said... it doesn't hurt anymore, and the pain is leaving me now.  Her face was almost shoked and she said I do know now that God is always with me.

I know this is a long email but I TESTIFY that God is always with you; even when you think He is not.  Miracles happen everyday; these are just a few that have happend this last week. The priesthood of God is real; I can testify to that with all of my heart and conviction because I've been a mouth-piece.  I've been privileged to be the healing hands for those with afflictions.  I've felt the sacredness of this divine authority. This reservation KNOWS us; everyone knows who we two billyganas are who visit all these people. Now, after Indian Days, because we were so involved they recognize us. Great things are going to happen here... I can just feel it. Thank you for the support and letters.

Check out the video below because it is a video taken a year ago HERE in Alamo. The Church filmed the previous senior missionaries.  Almost EVERY Navajo you see in it I teach and the trailer behind the church is where I live :)

Much love,
Elder Taylor 


Some random pictures that someone else took on their camera! 
Taken without me knowing!  ha  

Me and my comp!! Elder GIbson ! 

I'm on the phone trying to figure stuff out for the float and that is a donkey right behind me! 

This little guy's name is Tiger ... he's awesome!  My lil' homie.  He was showing off his fish in the picture.

I got my hair cut on Pday.  The clippers were shorter than I expected so my head had to be shaved that length!  ha 

I  look like a army dude with the glasses on Huh? 

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