Wednesday, October 16, 2013

District Meeting October 12, 2013

District Meeting Agenda October 12, 2013

Hymn 239 Choose the Right

Prayer: Sister Clark

Recitations: Elder Gibson

5 Minute Talk on Conversion: Sister Johnson

Accountability/ Miracle story

Adjusting to Missionary life Section

Teaching Towards Commitments /

Review of Zone meeting. Read section out of Preach My Gospel and scripture to match! 

-WE ARE A BAPTIZING mission. The new key indicators.

-Teaching all Lessons leading to a specific Commitment
through it all. NO SURPRISES!

-Teaching Commandments from lesson 1 to baptism.
No more waiting to teach commandments till you feel
they are converted. They will be Prepared for baptismal Interview.

-Be prepared for the spirit to tell you specific questions to
ask for specific answers. Be Bold, Be inspired!!

-Simplicity is Strength . Share thoughts below :
When you are first teaching a child math are you going to teach
them how to count 1-10 or Algebra??  Duh!  You are going to teach
them to count simple numbers, and then go from there. There is a
foundation or a simple truth to all concepts. For instance, when we teach
people the Gospel we have teach it on a basic level. Go down
into your foundation of a testimony on what your teaching and I promise
you'll gain more then before. I believe that the more simple you teach
things there is more power and strength to it, and that will help with their
progress and ultimate progression. Fewer words will always go further. Go
back to your basics of what your faith has been built on, then teach that and bare
your solemn testimony of your experience.

Role Plays : Teaching towards making and keeping commitments with
investigators and less actives in any lesson as well as Teaching commandments. Teach SIMPLE truths.

Record Revelation received as a district through the role plays on board and set goals. 

Closing Remarks – Inspirational Quote/ scripture. Kill OFF, DO WORK!

Hymn: 134 I believe in Christ

Closing Prayer : Elder Taylor

Conducting Music : Sister Croft

Pianist : Elder Taylor

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