Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Using Resources

Everyone.. I want to first off thank you for all of your prayers;  they sustain me day by day. I know the times when my body and spirit are tired I feel extra strength because of all the love, support and prayers. 

This last week was great in finding more people to teach; we got 8 more people who are willing to listen. I've been trying hard to know where to go, what areas are called, to know the names of people but I basically got it all down already ... I feel the Lord has helped a lot. 

On Monday I played basketball with all of these Navajos and the past week told them to play with me and it was a blast. I'm now "homies" with all these tatted drug users who feel there is no purpose to life other than the world... so I pray that I will be able to touch their hearts. I bet one if I beat them that they have to listen to our message!  ha I'm playing in my white shirt and tie on Thursday night at the wellness center. There are like 40 people there playing and watching and I'm going to play and be one of the only two white people there but I figure it is a great way for people to ask why I'm playing in dress clothes!  haha  Just wait and see ... I'll have my companion video me balling everyone up and it will go on Youtube someday!  Also,  I just split a ton of wood yesterday for this blind guy so it was a great opportunity to serve and was really fun.  We also helped Crystal with all of these weeds;  I loved giving service!

We had zone conference last Friday (when a ton of us missionaries meet together) and it was great. Kid you not i woke up at 3:55am that morning and hopped in the shower then woke my companion up and we left at 4:30am to head to Albuquerque to get there at 7 o'clock in the morning. I drove the WHOLE way and was dead tired. My companion was asleep and it was sketchy a few times because my eyes go tired but I prayed a lot and we made it safely. The meeting answered a ton of my prayers and it was cool to see 5 pics of me on the slideshow of all the baptisms in the mission since the last conference.

Priesthood is real everyone; it is the authority and power given to those who are worthy to bear it. God has given us this blessing and I'm grateful to use it to help others. Miracles do happen.

This last week I used my resources to help face challenges.  Because of opposition the Adversary always attacks at the right times. For me, (I'll be real personal) I felt that I wasn't completely worthy as the Lord's missionary and had doubt about myself and about the work I truly can do, and I also was not having faith in the gifts given to me. So I used my resource, my wonderful mission president. I REVERE that man. I explained to him everything that I was facing and told him I needed guidance and council. He told me things I'll forever cherish; things that brought peace to my soul and confirmed every thought I had.  I'll only share what I feel is okay to and this may apply to you.  He said that we all go through points in our life when we personally unconsciously do an inventory  on our life and our past and go over it all. He continued saying that he feels that's what I did without thinking and now, because I went over everything, and see the man of God I am now, that I can now become truly consecrated with the Lord. I know every aspect of my life before my mission led me to this point and now I get to progress more than ever. Everyone: remember to always move forward... don't ever look back. Don't let the adversary put crap in your mind to confuse you and to make you feel lesser than you are. I used my resources this last week and have now felt burdens lifted, and strength given... are you using your resources? Are you using scriptures, prayer , and council from those you trust?

Trials come to those who are and are not obedient; either way they come.  But for those who are obedient they see trials as a opportunity to conquer, overcome and become better than they were before. Don't EVER think you are alone... because you are not. You must know you have a Father who loves you more than anything in this world. He wants to talk to you everyday and every night. He wants you to Be STEADFAST in all things, which means committed and diligent, so that you can reap the rewards that you deserve. I'm far from the missionary I want to be or can be and am not fully as converted as I can be in this Gospel, but one thing I do know is that the Lord doesn't expect immediate perfection; but He DOES expect immediate progression. Let us all progress towards our true identities as literal children of our Heavenly Father!!

Love and support to you all,

Elder Taylor

Some kids at FHE last week

Navajo cakes

Got some Papa Murphy's pizza when I was in Albuquerque!!  So stoked... I got the Chicago stuffed 

This is ZW.  He's a black smith and lives in Magdalena (closest town to us).  He's a convert to the church! 

This is at the Old western shooting day last Saturday... everyone was dressed up! 

Some fun I had 2 weeks ago on our Pday.  hahaha I still haven't changed! 

Jumping off some cool rocks and stuff.  My mom's looking down and thinking I'm so dumb!!! 

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