Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Personal and Professional

This week a lot has happened ... I don't have too much time to write, but its been wonderful! A LOT better than the previous week.
 I played piano in Sacrament meeting for the branch.  That was scary but I didn't do too bad I guess? ha I was thanked by the 2nd counselor during Sacrament for doing it. 
We had zone meeting and President Miller and his wife showed up; it was awesome. I had to give the closing prayer too but it was a good meeting. I had to go up in front of everyone and give advice on what I want to work on with my district to help us baptize more. I spoke about how we need to focus on the MOST important thing ... Christ. I feel that we all teach too much of the other things rather than focusing on the Savior...  if they are converted to Him then ALL the other things fall to place.  All the other District Leader's agreed with me and are doing the same so i guess I didn't say anything too stupid in front of President!  haha
Just yesterday I had a District leader training at the mission home with President and it went very well. It was great to hear his instructions. The kind of weird thing was he kept saying how much certain things will help us as future fathers and husbands and business owners, but it was great advice. Many things that he taught that helps with being a powerful leader I have already been applying ... which to me REALLY helped me know that the Holy Ghost can give us guidance.  Then my mission pres just solidified it!  He talked about praising people then correcting them...  that's the only way to help people know you love them and know they can progress more! 

The title of this email is Personal And Professional. I've found out that having these two things will help in so many ways. I taught my trainee this a few weeks back and Pres. just said something similar to it yesterday.  ALL of us can do this.
Personal: does the person you are talking to know that you care about them?   I hate when you are  trying to talk to someone and they are looking off or have something else on their mind. NO. WRONG. In order for someone to trust and love you, you must give all attention to them.  Ask them questions... PRAISE them for their accomplishments both big and small. Then, of course, crack a few jokes so they know your just a regular person like them. 
Professional: Now in order for people to respect you, you must professional. Now i hate this... its mixed up in people's minds that in order to do this you must be a robot and serious ALL of the time. No... WRONG again. Be yourself, but be your better self. They now trust you because you are personal with them , and because you actually care you need to be an example that they would want to follow. Help them know that you have a purpose in ALL things; you are an organized, clean and "real" human being. Joseph Smith would crack a little joke before a meeting , or go wrestle with some kids but when it came to business he was professional.  For school, church, parenting, work ... wherever it may be, remember to be yourself, focus on the person and remember who you truly are. Our beloved prophet, I know, can focus on the one but have his heart for the whole world... so can we all. Help others if they are off the path or don't know of the path.  Do these two things, in order, and I PROMISE that all you know or come in contact with will want to change their lives even more after you meet with them. The Lord is hastening His work so this means we must be examples to all in the world.

Much Love to all those who read this.  I continue to be humbled by how many read this ...  thank you!
 I love my  Shibizhee' Ya' 'aashidi ( Father in Heaven). 

Elder Taylor

Only two pictures this week!  Been busy!

This is a gift my dad sent me for my bday (a blanket).  It's so legit.  They are the best pictures and I think my two girls look so beautiful in it (my momma and Jess!)
 Here is a pic that my comp took a week or so ago with a cool sunset by our trailer

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