Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bring to Pass Much Righteousness

Hey you all!   Hope everyone had a great and busy week.

Lots of changes has happen these past few days . Last week, on Friday, my companion and I were out in the morning trying to stop by some YSA in the stake and we missed a call from our mission president. We called him back and he cracks a joke saying "Elders... did you just wake up??"  haha  Then he asked my companion to be his assistant and said he's leaving that Sunday (a week earlier than transfers.)  He also said that I will be getting a new Zone Leader companion and will be training him and told us to have a great day... we were both shoked. We didn't expect that  call. So everything has changed since that day and we are trying to figure out everything.  I don't have a companion right now so I grabbed the Bandelier elders and am having them live with me because I have 2 bathrooms and 3 beds in the apartment. I've been having members come out with me too so I can still do work in the YSA. It has been super weird doing that and strange doing weekly planning by myself and nightly planning by myself, but its been super fun to have 2 other elders with me.  Also going out with just myself and a member in the YSA has been a blast. I've got so much to do this week and I don't think I'm getting my new companion until transfers . I have 2 stake meetings: one is a priesthood leadership one and then a YSA one. So much to figure out and I love it. Being busy and trying to figure things out by myself for my area and the whole zones is really challenging me to strech and grow... its a true test. 

On Saturday we were at a members house and were asked to share a scripture. The one that came to my mind is Doctrine and Covenants 58. It speaks about always being "anxiously engaged" and being an agent to yourself, and that you can have power to do things. It was perfect timing for me and my companion as well as a YSA who was nervous because she was going to be getting a stake calling most likely the next day. The verse that helped us the most was the one that says that we can't behold at this time with our natural eyes the design of our God. To me it says that we don't know what is best for our lives but our Heavenly Father knows.  We can't see at this time why things happen or why we just suddenly get a lot on our plate, but when we just humble ourselves and try the best in our own power to bring about rightousness we will have sucess and will grow and learn. I know that the Lord is guiding my life and I know this because I am following the commandemnts and trying my best to have His spirit to be with me . 

Love you all,
Elder Taylor 

I put on some old pants.  Yeah...  lets just say me and my companion's jeans have shrunk on the mission ;) 

It is balloon season over here so there are tons every morning!! 

Elder Snyder and I the night he left

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