Monday, August 5, 2013

Make it Happen

I feel people too often settle for less in their lives. Or they make excuses that it’s too hard, not possible or that they can’t achieve it. BUT here’s the thing,  there is a special gift we have and that is agency. Yes, you can choose good or evil, or what color shirt to wear or what sandwich to eat that day but I’m speaking of something different... a choice to do something great. As I look at other people's lives I can see those who made it happen and those who just hoped it would happen. I don’t like the word hope at times because it sounds like a maybe, (for example I “hope” I can get a job). Well, stop sitting at home all day hoping and go out and make it happen!

I’ve used this in my missionary work and I apologize to those who feel this is too straight-up or harsh but these are my thoughts. I was talking to the zone leaders and they are saying that there’s a lot of areas in our zone who could do amazing but they aren’t making it happen or making that area super successful. I believe that there’s NO bad area in a mission, and that all areas have potential to be great if you MAKE it happen. My area when I first got here at the beginning of my mission wasn’t very good at all, but I see where it’s at now and it’s been the best area at different times in the whole mission. That’s because if you set a goal, and put the work in knowing it will happen then you will make it happen. Spiritually the Lord receives ALL of the credit and I hope you all know that. None of it is me or the companions I’ve had here, but we needed to be the instruments. You can either be a dull instrument or a sharp one.  We are all different ones but you CAN be a more useful one in my opinion. Think about your personal lives and how great of a tool you are in the hands of the Lord and pray for help and He may be able to use you for more of His work.

Achieve the unimaginable, both temporally and eternally, both literally and spiritually.

Remember there’s a loving Heavenly Father ready and willing to help in all causes.

Yesterday we were with Brother Butterfield out teaching and we drove by a house who we’ve been trying to teach again for forever. Their names are Lupe and Cielo and we haven’t had the chance to teach them again. But this time both cars were there and one of them I haven’t seen for a long time.  We passed the house and then all of the sudden I told Brother B to turn around. Now keep in mind we were already 20 min late to dinner because of the last lesson getting out late but I KNEW we had to turn around and I didn’t care if we were late to dinner. Brother Butterfield did turn around and Sky answered the door.  We had talked to her barely before about the Book of Mormon and she’s 11 years old but didn’t seem super excited we were there. She said we can come by another time when more of her family is there because no one in the house at the time could speak English.  Then I asked her if she had like 5 minutes. She said yes.  So instantly I pulled out the Book of Mormon and asked her if she’s read the copy we left.  She said, "no" ... her aunt took it and left it somewhere.  So then I handed her the copy in my hand. I said will you take this one so you can have your very own ?  She said "YES" , with the biggest smile on her face, and asked if this really is her own one? You’re giving it to me?  She grabbed the book and pulled it up close to her chest and hugged it as if I was giving her the greatest treasure on earth.  Then I realized that it truly is.  We all need to see that book as the way she saw it and we need to treasure it! I told her about the importance of prophets and about how amazing it would be to have a prophet like Moses on the earth. I asked what it would mean to her.  She said it would be a huge blessing because he could lead and guide me and tell me what I need to do to stay close with God. Our jaws about dropped. I PROMISED her right then after that comment that if  she read she can know that there is a prophet on the earth and that Christ’s church is here again, and she was so excited to read and wants to come to church.

That was a miracle and a tender mercy of the Lord. Sometimes we are late or in a rush but we need to help others and God will do his part too. Go out into the world and MAKE IT HAPPEN , because this last week we did and our success is getting back up there.

Thanks for the love and support.

Much love,

Elder Taylor 

“Christ is the head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation”

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