Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Enjoy eternal experiences ... for they are few

Great past week up here in Alamo. We had a Zone training meeting last Friday and it was super awesome. There were so many things that were said to do that I'm already doing... like using better language or praying for specific things. It showed me how truly inspired the mission and the individuals can be! Now P-day is going to be on Tuesdays mission wide ... our mission president changed it to that.  I'm so grateful to be here as a missionary when all of these major changes are happening and to be of the largest army force ever!

So on Monday I went on exchanges with Elder Krebs (when we switch and go with another missionary just for the day). He has been my Zone leader and best bud for my whole mission, but he's going home on the 27th of this month... my bday actually. We have been together for 9 months. From when I first got into the mission field to now here in Alamo; we have always been stuck together. So, as I've pondered this, how come the Lord has always put us right by each other, I came to understand something. That there is no luck; it truly is the hand of the Lord and it was because I needed to learn great things from Elder Krebs. On exchanges we asked millions of questions back and forth, spoke of who we are and how we want our very natures to be changed, and about how we are not the same people who left on our mission. I've got an inch think of talks on my desk he copied!  ha ha  We are a team. He lost his mom as well and I feel that the Lord knew we could help each other with that challenge. We also believe our mothers are together in the spirit world just rejoicing and looking down on their sons with pride for what we are doing. 

We must all cherish and love those who come into our path of life. This mortal journey is divinely guided and when we submit ourselves to our Father in Heaven we will receive eternal experiences such as miracles, friendships, and trials that only point to a higher power and His perfect plan. Never lose focus on our end goal and our purpose in life. 
Enjoy all of the simple laughs, or when you hear a child's prayer; little things pierce our heart as well.  "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise." Alma 37:6  

I'm grateful to have found my true brother, Elder Krebs, who I know will be an eternal friend and who will rejoice as much as I will when we are reunited with our loving mothers and are embraced by their love. We both testify of this plan and that even though we lose love ones we WILL see them again.

We had a miracle story.  That same day Elder Gibson forgot to give me the Alamo phone before he left so we had no phone. Well, there was a family we forgot to tell the Crofts to pick up so we went to the family's house to say that we were sorry because we couldn't get them a ride this week.  When we arrived we saw they were all dressed and ready to go.  So then I said we will find them a ride... just stay there!  We can't call with no cell phone so we start driving towards the church but I thought I saw the Crofts pass us and felt I needed to turn around so I did. We went to someone's house they always pick up and they were there, just about to leave and we barely had enough room to pick up the other family. It was a miracle of both faith and works. The family is awesome but hasn't come to anything and we want to set a baptism date ... so this was huge. They LOVED family home evening and everyone was so nice to them. The hand of the Lord was definitely in it; we could have just told them we were sorry we couldn't  get them a ride this week, but we didn't ... we found a way and because it was God's will it happened!  We truly were divinely guided. 

I challenge all who read this to focus on enjoying the eternal experiences this week; looking for them, and remembering past ones so that your eyes may be opened to the greatness of God through your journey. I testify that He lives.  He is busy striving to bless us in every way but I know He knows we are worth it. 

Thanks for all the support in letters and emails! 

One Love,
Elder Taylor 

Yea... I dunked and broke the backboard!
Nah, it was like this! ha  

One last hurrah for me and Elder Krebs!! LEGENDARY

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