Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Additional companion

Hey not a big email ... don't have time!

Transfers was today and I'm staying! Elder Ahloy is staying too but we got a 3rd companion whose name is Elder Farb from Beaverton, Oregon.  He's a good kid.  President wants me and my companion to work the heck out of him and make him the best missionary he can be so thats what we will be doing!

I'm also staying to oversee a new area in my district open up since I was the one who discussed it with our mission president.  Now it is happening ...which is great. Socorro hasn't had a baptism in over a year and with 4 missionaries now I know it will pick up! 

A lot of new exciting things this transfer mission-wide!  The Lord really does inspire our mission president! 

I hate seeing missionaries go home... I don't want to go home! 

I'm driven more now then ever for this next transfer to make big things happen!! 

Love to you all, sorry for the lame email! 

Elder Taylor 

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