Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The 3 S's to Successful Teaching

Great week last week. We saw miracles in our area and we were definitely divinely guided. It is amazing to me even now how much our Heavenly Father knows His children and truly, if we are willing, will guide us to who He needs us to see the most! 

We have had a lot of success. We taught 39 lessons last week and this week we set goals to hit 43 (which would be a record for me)!  The Lord is hastening his work.

Well, today my blog email won't be too long because we are heading to Los Lunas for Zone sports... some missionaries have been asking me to go play ball with them one time so today is the day! 

But I came up with something last night as I was talking to my companion Elder AhLoy and giving suggestions on teaching and stuff. It really, really applies to Navajos but also to ALL people. 

The 3 S's To Successful Teaching .

Slow.   When we teach our minds often works faster than our mouths and when that happens we speed up and words get mumbleded and we stutter, etc. So, teach slowly enough so that when you are teaching they can hear you clearly and put together what you are talking about. Slow also means pause; some of the greatest power I have seen is when I teach slow and look into their eyes, pause a second, and then continue to teach without rushing. The spirit flows when we talk slow!! 

Simple. If we can teach simple there is so much power to it. I think of my favorite teachers or lectures or talks I have heard are those given simply so all can understand it but pack a punch still. Like I always say to my companions and other missionaries, "Simplicity is Strength!"  I always remember that when I'm teaching. A quote that fits perfectly to this section is, It is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself, and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand it.” President  John Taylor. 

Short. Some of the most powerful statements given or lessons taught have been bold and short. I can't stand when people teach and repeat themselves over and over again... its like a mouse running in the wheel ... they get nowhere! You need a goal, and objective in mind beforehand, and then teach it but do it shorter than you think. Once we begin teaching a lot of times we just keep rambling off things, and go off on a tangent but when that happens the effectiveness of the teaching or training diminishes. Stay on target and teach the principles short and to the point so then it sticks with the individuals. If people ask questions and take it off course then lovingly thank them for the comment but tie it back in and keep teaching.

These are 3 things that I thought of that helps me when trying to get something to stick to the individual or group. There are many great teachers but the ones who truly impact and are effective are few. If you remember to teach slow, simple and short those you are teaching will be greatly impacted and will have the lessons implanted in their minds and will leave more filled than they were before the teaching! 

Thank you all for the support! Please email me if any of you have questions about anything or need help...  I'm more than happy to do so! 

Elder T 

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