Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Tightrope of Life and the Safety Net of the Atonement

Hey everyone,

Had another great week here in Socorro. We had the most successful week this area has had in months...  we taught 20 lessons and got 7 new people who are interested in hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! 

I feel on my mission that I am too BLESSED with success. I feel often times I am not working as hard as I could be or am blessed too much for what I am putting in, but that's how the Lord works.  He just needs us to be obedient and to have the right desire then He will fill in all the gaps! 

So, this last week I taught the missionaries and some people this (came up with it a few weeks ago)...

I draw out a tightrope and a safety net.

The tightrope is our life here on earth;  as many of us know it is extremely difficult in this place and many face financial difficulties, family trials, physical trials, etc.   Well, we often times feel unbalanced through all of these difficulties, stressed out, and worried we might fall off. DON'T be so hard on yourself. Think of it this way: how many of us have ever walked on a tight rope before? Well,  how many of us have come to earth before? No one!  This is ALL of our first time here. If we tried right now to walk on a tight rope our first time of course we are going to fall... its destined to happen.  Our Father in heaven understood it the exact same way when He sent us here to earth to be tested... He knew we would fall; we had to. So, don't be hard on yourself.

Next, is the safety net of the atonement .. meaning because Christ has gone through and suffered all of our pains and bad days, trials, sickness, and our weaknesses we too can receive strength from Him. When we fall, we are caught... you WILL be caught and that's a promise we all may receive. But, we are expected to take a breather, to think positive, to tell ourself we can go farther the next time, and to get back on then keep going. The Lord puts us after we use the safety net of the atonement a little bit further from where we fall because, through Christ, when we fall ... we fall forward! 

For all of those who know this already or have experienced this, it is our obligation to tell this to others. Now, imagine for the first time being on one of those tightropes and worried about falling far down and being hurt because you didn't " know" there was a safety net... that would be way more stressful. SO WE MUST ALL share with those who do not know that there is a net to catch them and tell them to not worry,  be their cheerleaders and to encourage them along the tight rope of life and trials. 

Satan uses darkness to dim the end of the tightrope and to dim under it creating the allusion that there is no help, no net but darkness and pain... Christ sends elimination light to brighten the end of the tightrope and to reveal the safety net below you and bring confidence and encouragement to our souls.  

Please share with those who lack this understanding, there is hope...

I have seen MANY many family issues here, and heavy poverty and drug use.  I have been teaching in a home where police can break down their door at any moment and arrest them because of their wrong doing, but seeing in their eye a need for a safety net brings honor to my heart in being able to provide that to them and to direct their paths.

 "But, behold, all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people shalldwell safely in the Holy One of Israel if it so be that they will repent. "

This scripture goes with the tightrope and the atonement. Christ provides this for all of us, if we are willing to give up something and change ans to use his atonement to catch us.

Love ,
Elder Taylor

PS. Its my moms b-day tomorrow.  I pray that all of us will feel of her spirit.  I would ask all who are reading this blog to email, text, call, write or do something for my family that day and tell them a story or experience you have had with my mom! 

I miss her dearly but know that we will be together again as an eternal family! 

Press on. 

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