Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Picking Things Up

The work here in Socorro has grown even more. We have found 9 more people to teach... the past 2 weeks we have found more investigators than Socorro has had total in a few months! 

I don't have too much time this week to email.... it is transfers and that is why I'm emailing today. Good thing is all of us missionaries are staying so I'm excited about it. We are going to baptize hopefully a lot of people and help others come unto Christ and feel the blessings of the Gospel! 

Yesterday we met up with a couple from Alamo who knew a ton of the people I do and who we ran into on Saturday because the hand of the Lord was in it.  Then we went by yesterday to teach them. He is addicted to all sorts of drugs, had tattoos on his body and his face  with a long pony tail ... but if you looked on the inside of his heart and soul he is my brother; he is a son of our Living God who is the Father of us all. We cannot afford to be "scared" of what people look like or to judge how they might be; God does not... He only cares about who we are today and what will we do to change to be better tomorrow. 

They both have been searching and looking for peace and happiness and answers to life's questions that we were able to help solve. They both accepted the invitation to be baptized into Jesus Christ's true church on the earth and to receive the blessings that come with it. 
At the end of the lesson I asked the husband if he would offer the kneeling prayer and he said he was too scared because it had been too long but said for his wife to do it.  She accepted and gave the most humble prayer I have ever heard. She took a minute to think of what to say, then said, "Tell me if the book of mormon is true."  Then another 2 minutes kneeling and then, "Help us."  Then she wanted me to finish the prayer but I KNOW he heard that prayer and will answer that humble women who has faced the firery darts of the adversary her whole life and will bring light into her soul. 

This work is true and I have been losing sleep, gaining more stress, having more sleepless nights and been on my knees to commune with my father more and more because surely that is what He does for us. 

Love Always ,
Elder Taylor 

P.S. Thanks for all the packages and letters in behalf of my mother! 

Here are some pictures I took my last day in Alamo...Love 'em all!
They are all my family... miss them 

My Shi ma'sana ( "grandma" in Navajo) 

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