Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Money Machine

Hey everyone!  For those who read this I hope and pray you all know how much I appreciate the support. It truly shocks me that people even like reading this. 

It has been a great last week, as always; every week is great as a missionary... it is just your attitude that determines it. 

So, last Friday the mission president showed up to my district meeting and that was great... but a surprise too.  I gave one of my favorite trainings. It was definitely revelation through the Spirit on this one and I wish I could share it with you all but it would be too hard to type out to really get the full affect so I'll just type the points and verses associated with it. 
It is in Joseph Smith History.  I spoke on how we can help our investigators follow similar steps as Joseph Smith did to receive his answer or to watch the investigators and see if they have had any similar act in our eyes. 

#1 Recognized a Problem (verse 6)

#2 Reflected (v8)

#3 Questioned (v10)

#4 Searched the Scriptures (v11)

#5 Guidance From the HG/ Revelation (v12)

#6 Real Intent (v14)

#7 Acted (v14-15)

#8 Courage/ Faith (v15-16)

#9 Confirmed Verity, ANSWER (v18)
Hope this makes sense.  You'll have to read it and see for yourselves but if not then I guess wait until I'm home and I can teach it to ya'.  It was really cool though. 

Anyways, after the meeting president had interviews and I was last and we talked a lot about things. We basically talked about progression and truly growing into a better and more Christ-like man everyday.  We talked about how much we need to see knowledge and experiences in this life to help us grow.  Well, I told him something that came to my mind two days prior: a mission (or in most of everyone elses case) life, is like a money machine. For me personally it is two years that I have in this " Money Machine of life."  When you get in to one of those money machine things they are blowing a lot of cash all around you and its flying like crazy and your object is to grab as much as you can before the time runs out...  what you grab is what you keep. So, for me, I'm trying to "grab" as many experiences as I can on my mission. The knowledge, experiences and habits I have right now I will take home with me and it will be extra "cash" I have to help make me more spiritually "financial" for when hard times come. I will have these 2 years to truly start my life off on the right foot.
I feel rushed and I hope and pray that I am grabbing as much "money" as I can while I'm on my mission so that when the time is out I will look back at the machine (or mission) and say I came out with so much more than I had when I first entered and I tried my hardest... no regrets. 

"I have learned by experience." Gen. 30:27 

May we all grab as much as we can each and everyday so that when time runs out we will be spiritually rich and full of blessings and mercy from the Lord.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter remembering Him, but not just on Easter but everday of our lives.

He lives.

Love always,
Elder Taylor 

Hey! Here are some pics.  Sorry I haven't sent any for a long time... been busy!
 But we took some fun ones at the train track after our appointment ! 

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