Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What you put in ... you get back

Hello!  Hope you all are having a great day and great start of a new week.

I'm grateful for those of you who are still supporting me while I'm out here and still sending stuff in the mail.  Its much appreciated and sorry if I'm not the best at writing back ... I get busy at times.

So, this past week has been full of ups and downs. Experiences need to be learned and asking to Lord for the purpose of some is important. This whole transfer is about patience for me, and I'm thankful I'm able to work on it.

I was able to have the opportunity to go back to Alamo on exchanges and boy was it so wonderful.  Guys, I can't even put into words how much love and joy I felt seeing some people I haven’t seen in just a short time.  I LOVE THEM so much.  Everyone told me "welcome home" and I called it home too.  I told them I'm just back home for a day then I'm back off to Socorro.  Even people I didn’t truly feel connected with expressed their love to me and how much they missed me and spoke often of me... I was truly humbled. Alamo will forever have a special place in my heart; everyone wants me to live with them after my mission and go back home to the rez! haha

My dear brothers and sisters who are reading this... I want you to know one simple thing that has been so ingrained in my mind lately and that is:  Everything you put in this life , you get back.  So its all up to you how much you put in.

This isn’t a gamble; you don’t go “all” in and have a good chance of losing everything. You go “all” in or you can  give your all to the Lord, put His will over your will, and don’t be selfish. This is truth!  I just heard that anytime there is a temple or church built that once it is  dedicated it then becomes the Lord's... not the president's but the Lord's.  It's His.  So, if we dedicate our lives to Him, to helping others and being Christ-like... then we are His. Therefore we must put our “all” in and He promises it all back and much, much more. I hope you all are putting everything you have into different aspects in your life and remember the more you put in the more you get back.

I have a new urgency in putting more effort and less sleep and less selfish desires because I am the Lord's and I will get as much out of it as I want but it is my will to achieve that level I'm seeking.

Have a great week everyone. Next week I'll have a lot better blog on how hard it is to receive eternal life and the tools we can use to achieve it.

Love ,
Elder Taylor 

Picture of me with Alice when i got to go back to the Alamo :)

Elder Zrimc and I with " matching " nike shirts

Elder Fenner and I with, who i like to call "OLD MCDONALD" or "Brother Paine" haha

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