Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Good morning everyone!  I'm grateful for all of those who are still reading my blog entries.  Truly I'm humbled by how many have viewed them. I will continue to write the things of my soul and experiences or inspiration that has come to me. Honestly this my other journal to look back at and read.

Save… I've pondered on that and it's meaning and I pray you will grasp the way I'm trying to apply this to our mortal life.

Oftentimes, and in the Christian world, many say  “I've been saved for 7 years now,” or “I know I sin but I'm saved because I believe in Jesus,” or “Have you been saved?"
Im sorry for my blunt choice of words but that’s ridicules. Its one of the dumbest statements ive herd. Literally a man told me a few weeks ago that he knows getting drunk everyday is bad and that the Lord isn’t happy about what hes doing it but hes still “ Saved”. Come on people!  The Savior NEVER taught to go around and blurt out to the world that you are saved and it doesn’t matter what you do if you just believe in Him. In James it speaks of “Faith without works is dead”. We need to remain humble by keeping our personal commitments and covenants between us and the Lord; not pridefully blurting to the world that you are “saved”.  I have no intention to offend anyone but I'm just stating my personal opinion on this subject.  Now to the part I wish to speak on.

The Definition of "save" is : To rescue from danger; to preserve or safe guard; to spare.

To me “SAVE” or “SAVED” means a lot more that the typical Christian. My twist on that word goes with the definition and it applies to our life on earth.

We first must be saved in this life.  In this life I need a SAVIOR to “save” me from the danger in this life; to safe guard me and preserve me for the eternal blessing after my mortal death.

Of course our end goal is to be saved (meaning have eternal life) but I feel we must first focus on the beginning of the test... not what happens if I get a good goal. Focus on being saved here. Living in a way through your faith, and works in following Christ by being humble and not flaunting around that you are saved and can do whatever you want because you believe in Him.

That goal of eternal life will be achieved if we look at things here and now.  In Preach my Gospel  there is a quote that says, “Missionaries are to testify of Jesus Christ and invite all to come unto Him that they might be saved."

We must all teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way of wanting to bringing ourselves and others eternal blessings but remembering the here and now as well. That we can help bring them to the Savior to be Saved in this life... to be brought from danger and safe guarded from the evils of this hard world we live in. As we live our lives in such a way and follow the commandments we will be “saved” in this life, and with quiet conformation from the Holy Ghost, a peaceful assurance of being saved in the next life and receiving eternal salvation.

Love always,

Elder Taylor 

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