Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baptism and The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The title of this letter is exactly what I'm going to talk about.

First off Bruce got baptized which was so awesome. It was on the same day as my baby sister Jessica so it was special for me because I wasn’t able to be there for her baptism. Our mission president came down for the baptism and so many other people were there.  Bruce was approved by the First Presidency of the Church to be baptized because he needed that permission because of past problems. What was powerful was his testimony after his baptism; how the Lord has blessed him and how he studied the scriptures in prison and when he got out he wanted a new life and that now the Lords has given him just that!

Also, last Sunday all three of us missionaries were asked to speak on what ever we wanted. I decided that the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was a powerful and essential topic to teach on. We had all of the members and us invite non-members to come. Well, it didn’t work out too well; we only had like 3 non-members, but it was still great to have 3.  We were blessed.

I would like to share with you the analogy I came up with to use for teaching in sacrament  about the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

I compare it to a school. Everyone knows about school. Imagine having a perfect teacher (Christ). We must have (faith) in the teacher; faith that, if we trust in Him and do as He says, then we will do great in the class. Well, our teacher is merciful; when we do bad on a test we can come to Him and ask to re-do it.  (Repentance).

Our merciful and perfect teacher says yes we can re-do it, but now remember to study hard and learn from your mistakes.   In order for the teacher to help you even more in the class he needs to meet with your parents. So there is a parent-teacher conference in which you promise your parents and teacher that you'll do better in the class and on the tests if they give you a second shot. The teacher responds in saying He will provide someone that will help you so much. For those who are smart they go to that person and get help from the tutor (Holy Ghost). The tutor is there as you are practicing the problems and going over your mistakes. The tutor can lean over and say “Nope start the problem over again; or no, go to the next chapter, your answer is in there."  He guides you on your journey of learning and helps in all ways for you to find the answers while you are still learning. Then the hard part is enduring to the end of the class, or in the gospel, until the end of our lives. Just as a hard class is at times we have resources to help.  We have to motivate ourselves to succed. We have to promise ourselves, our teacher and parents at times that we will do better and try harder next time.

The principle is like our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ the teacher and the Holy Ghost our tutor. Their motives are all the same; they teach the same, they help all of us children the same, and want the very best for each of us.  Let them HELP you!  Turn to them and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that you may receive the highest “grade” you deserve.
May we all be diligent and receive eternal life is my prayer.

Love to you all,

Elder Justin Taylor 

Here's the picture of Bruce's baptism!!! So awesome.

Here is me and my companions after we went to a hospital to visit 2 members.  
They gave masks to us because there was a virus there that people were getting.

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