Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ups and Downs

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are doing well and living happy. 

So, my thoughts this week are on how the Lord challenges and tests us to make us stronger. Not only stronger with the present trials we face, but stronger in all aspects of trials we can face.  There is a plan, a game plan, for each and every one of us and it was created even before we came here to earth. My thoughts are this (this isn't doctrine but it is just my thoughts). 

When we were shown our personal plan before this life we could see how great we could become  but we also saw all of the trials, challenges and hard times we would face. Then we were asked... do you accept this plan, are you ok with going through these hard times, making these sacrifices to be this great person in the end?  the person you were created to be? 

With that thought it has helped me so much have this eternal perspective. To know why I go through these things, and to think of the lesson that I will have coming out of it. There is ALWAYS an experience and a lesson attached to every trial ... which I believe is much larger than the trial itself.  As we look at life and the challenges you should rejoice that our Father in Heaven loves you enough to let you go through them and to grow through them because I know its even hard for Him to see his children struggling and that is why He has His gospel to help us as we turn to it. 

I pray each of you will see your life as a road map and a game plan to becoming who you were designed to be and fully accessing your divine potential. 

So my ankle is messed up; don't know how bad I messed up the ligament but I should be off basketball playing for like 6 weeks. I've never hurt an ankle before so it is a new experience but I love the challenge and am grateful for the support and help I have as I recover. I am still going out and doing missionary work everyday... NO EXCUSES! 

Also the MIRACLE is that we had a baptism!  Jacob was baptized this last Saturday and it was really special. The ward down here hasn't baptized in a year and a half and now the drought is over! We have another baptism this next Saturday.

The area isn't doing well and we have had to basically start new all over again and are looking for those who truly are prepared, not those who just want to "hang" and be friends with us and that is all. 

Love you all.  Know there are always great things ahead. "Come what may and LOVE it!" 

Elder Justin Taylor 

Pic of me in Hop Caynon. Its like 35 miles away from here and is still our " area" even though no one really lives up there. Beautiful place though, the only real trees around here. 

Here's the picture of my ankle, the reason why its swollen is different parts is because they put a hoarse shoe pad thing on it to help push the swelling out and then wrapped it everyday last week. Im blessed to have the Alamo Branch President be a physical therapist and help me with it and do therapy on it every moring. Looks pretty cool though huh? haha 

Jacob's baptism!  So awesome!

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