Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hey Everyone

I apologize for not sending a very big email today... it has been a crazy past 2 days and I just picked up another companion named Elder Zrimc ( crazy name ) and now there are 3 of us missionaries together. Going be a lot of fun! 

Update on my mission the past 2 days:  last night we were at a lesson for a kid named Jacob, who's getting baptized, and after our lesson his older brother wanted to shoot hoops with me for a second.  Well, after playing for a little bit I decided to go up for a dunk for fun and when I came down I landed at the edge of the concrete and my foot got stuck in between the concrete and the hoop pole and my body went another way than my foot and I twisted my ankle! 

So, afterwards I tried walking it off and was trying to act like a tough guy and that nothing happened.  I had to go home quick to get ice because we were on our way up North to Los Lunas to stay the night before transfer meeting in Albuquerque. Well, I couldnt drive anymore because my ankle was super swollen so I put it on the dash and my comp drove as I iced it! 

I just went to President Stephens, who is a physical therapist, and he looked at it and wrapped it up a ton.  He said he will help me do exercises to heal it and stuff. I got a blessing last night by Elder Schneider (who is going home tomorrow and who was my trainer), and it was very special and I felt a lot better afterwards to be honest. I had 3 of my comps in the circle giving me the blessing and 2 other Elders who I'm very close with. I love my friends out here on the mission and am grateful for the priesthood.

Just this morning I said goodbye to Elder Schneider... one of my best friends and a true brother in Christ.  I won't lie... it was hard. We had gone through so much and I'll eternally be grateful for his service and for our fun times! 

Well, I'll let you all know next week how things are going.  Sorry again for not doing a good email ... a lot has been going on but I'm still going. Nothings going to stop me!! 

Elder Taylor 

Elder Schneider and Elder Taylor