Friday, February 1, 2013

MTC letter #2

Hey everyone!

So I've been here for a week and 2 days, and its like the longest days of my life but the fastest weeks! haha  I'm learning so much here, its almost too much but that.s the point ... they throw a lot at you and you pick up everything you can. My companion and I have 3 people we're teaching here for practice and its been great. Every time we teach them we're able to touch them more and more and I am becoming a lot better at being an effective teacher. 

This week we really talked about prayer a lot and how it's important for everyone to build that relationship with Heavenly Father ... it is so true! HE wants to hear from us and hear our troubles, concerns and answers and all we have to do is talk to Him through prayer. My advice for everyone this week is to pray and not only pray but pray often and see the amazing difference that you'll see in your life.  I've been doing that lately and I've been receiving my answers and being blessed.

 I love you all and hope everything is well. I've had less time to email this week so that's why it's a little bit shorter. The best way to communicate to me while in the MTC is using DEAR ELDER... it's a website.

Much love,
Elder Taylor

If anyone wants to send a letter to Elder Taylor in the MTC NOW is the time ... he is scheduled to leave the MTC for New Mexico on Monday, FEBRUARY 11th.

Elder Justin Williams Taylor
MTC Mailbox # 359
NM-ALB 0211
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

or you can use

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