Monday, February 25, 2013

First Baptism!!!

I'm so sorry everyone but I forgot my cord to download pictures so I can't send the baptism picture but I will next week.. I promise! His name is Jacob and he's 28. He's so ready for the Gospel. He's already teaching us missionaries. He just is understanding the Gospel so much more and it's a remarkable story. I'll tell the story when I send the picture next week. 

My companion and I did great this week. This area hasn't had a baptism for 6 months and we've had one and another one planned next week... and a lot of promising investigators.

In El Paso there is crazy weather. In one week we had a rainstorm, then it started hailing and then we had a sandstorm yesterday and crazy winds. It seemed every time we were out and about doing the work was in the crazy weather... but it seemed EVERY TIME we had the most success was when it was hard with weather. We knocked on a guys door who said he was just praying for some help and hope in his life then we came to the door. It was a miracle and I can't wait to see how things go with him. I feel he's ready for the Gospel!  I hope everyone has a good week and know I pray for all my family and friends every night ... all of your guys love is what keeps me going! 

Elder Taylor  

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