Monday, March 4, 2013

Email from March 4th


So, first off I'm going to tell you about the baptism I had a last week. 

So he is a total STUD. His name is Jacob and he's 28 years old and has a 2 year old cute girl. He served in the military for 10 years and on his last deployment he came home and his wife was all packed up and said she's leaving and that he is taking their daughter. So his life completely changed. He had to leave their house with his little girl because the army has a rule if you are a single parent you can't serve.  Now he has his little girl so he can't be deployed or anything so they moved in with his dad.. with No job and No wife and he is going to college right now. His friend Matt is a member and he called him and said as he was moving he found a Book of Mormon that Matt gave him years ago and read some of it. He called Matt and said he wants to meet with the missionaries. 

So, before I got there they taught him the first 3 lessons and he committed to baptism. He read in Moses chapter 6 and a huge power came over him and he knew in his heart that it was true. So now his whole life is changed, he listens to church talks while he works out, he listens to them on his way to school, etc.  He's teaching his little girl how to pray, he reads the Book of Mormon and New Testament every day and goes to Institute every Wednesday and he plays ball with the ward too. He teaches me and my companion when we go over at times ... he is FULLY CONVERTED. We have never seen anyone be so desirable to have this Gospel. At his greatest moment of weakness and depression he found Christ's true church and it has forever changed his life. He will always hold a place in my heart .. the FIRST baptism ... one month since I've been a missionary and he's just amazing. 

So this week has been up and down. We haven't had a lot of appointments,and a lot of people have been canceling on us last minute.  A lot of people are busy when we try to go see them.  On Saturday we had a FULL day and really worked hard but NO ONE answered or let us in or returned our calls.  I know we did all we could and that the Lord will bless us in our efforts because we were doing all that we could!  :)  I have faith that this next week will be amazing. 

We are scheduled for another baptism this Saturday but there's been a lot of complications because his girlfriend is a memeber in the Spanish ward.  He wants to go there but he can't because he doesn't speak Spanish.  So there's a big mess but hopefully he will get baptized this Saturday. 

So I have been growing more of a love for being a missionary and really trying to be fully committed and focused on it.  I've been happier and time has been going by faster that way too, its crazy. But I'm really loving the people here. I'm literally in MEXICO!  haha  45% of the people here ONLY speak Spanish, not English, but I'm trying to learn a little bit.  I can say a few missionary-type things and the Church's name but that's about all!  ha. Well. pray that my comp and I will have a great week and bring others unto Christ. READ THE SCRIPTURES every day ... it will strengthen you in the rough world and will bring you blessings and joy... I promise. 

2 Nephi  9:18 really stood out to me this week. 

Elder Taylor 

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