Monday, March 18, 2013

Miracle Week

This past week has changed everything for me. It has been the best week of my mission.

 A few days ago we met with a guy named Ray and it was our second lesson with him. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and in the middle of it I invited him to be baptized and he said YES... but when he is ready. So, we finished teaching the lesson and asked when he thought he was ready and he said June or July.  Well, the whole time I was thinking it should be the end of March... so I told him at the end of the month he could be ready and I promised him that the Lord would provide a way and he could be ready. He said, "I Can Do It!"  We were soooo happy!

Later that night we met with a guy named Robby. One of our appointments fell through and we saw him getting his car towed and just waved.  Then on our way back to our car we asked what was wrong with his car. After a hour and a half talk he shared about his car, his life and the hard things he's gone through: like living in a car a year ago, being kicked out of his house, getting expelled from school, drugs, problems with the law, and his father passed away 4 Months ago!!  I was completely able to relate to him and I PROMISED him that our message will bless him, his wife, and his baby on the way.  I told him that this Gospel will help him with the loss of his father because it has helped me with losing my mother. He asked us to go to his apartment the next day and teach him. We taught about the Restoration and he said everything makes so much sense... he always wondered why there are so many different churches.  At the end I committed him to baptism, and literally one second after I asked he blurted out, "YES!!!!"  We were shocked and so happy at the same time.  We read out of the Book of Mormon together and he said every time he reads he feels happy and peaceful... and that he's never felt that before when he's read scriptures. Right before we left he asked if we could teach his wife because he knows she needs to hear this. We said, "Of course," and then I asked him, "Robby, do you believe that this could be Christ's true church restored on the earth once again?"  He replied, "There is no doubt in my mind that this truly is Christ's church!"  It was so amazing that I almost broke down in tears that night because of those two men who realized that baptism in this Church will forever bless and change their life and that this is the true church of God. 

Last miracle I'll share is about my companion.  He's a convert and that in its self is an amazing story.  The missionary that taught him 8 years ago was named Elder Hill. He's a huge part of why my companion converted ... but Elder Hill was transferred out before my companion knew that the church was true and that he was going to get baptized.  Over the past 8 years Elder Schneider has been searching to find him so he could tell him that he joined the church and is serving a mission...  but he NEVER found him.  

One night I called an investigator to set an appointment up, and then i usually call our dinner appointment but this time I felt like he should do it ... so I gave him the phone. He called a member who just moved here from California and asked if it was Brother Stewart? The man who answered said, "No, you have the wrong number, but I used to be a member but I left because I never found a testimony.  I went to BYU and read the Book of Mormon but never got a testimony."  Elder Schneider, of course, talked to him about it and bore his testimony about this Gospel.  He thought it was crazy that he happened to call a member but at the end he said his name was ERICK HILL.  My companion said, "This is a shot in the dark but do you know an Elder Hill who served in Arkansas?"  That man said, "Yes, my brother Brian."  INSTANTLY my companion fell to his knees and sobbed and said he's been looking for his brother Elder Hill for 8 years and that he's a huge part of why I'm serving a mission. 

After that phone call the Elder Hill called my companion and they talked and it was amazing to hear the conversation. Elder Hill told him that they have been praying for his brother to get back to church and he said when he talked to him on the phone that he KNEW he felt the spirit and that this was an answer to his family's prayers and that hopefully he will come back to church. MIRACLE. The Lord made Elder Schneider read the last two numbers wrong and dial Elder Hill's brother. It was so spiritual and touching to see. Elder Hill is now married and has two kids and goes to Northwestern (like my dad did) and graduated from BYU. It truly is something I will never forget. 

This past week has changed my life and my whole mission. My love for the people I teach has been forever growing. I know that we have a LOVING Heavenly Father who gives us miracles like I've had to strengthen us and our faith BUT theres always a trial of faith before we receive these miracle so DON'T give up when things get hard. I love you all and am praying that my words touch those of you who read this that are not members of this faith and even those who are that this will help steer you in the right path and bring hope, faith and joy into your life.
All my Love,
Elder Taylor

We went to Hueco Tanks and it was so cool! 
It's like a really famous place to travel to

My box from my amazing family that they sent for St Patrick's Day 

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