Monday, April 22, 2013

Email from April 22nd

This past week has been kind of hard with getting member present and lessons with investigators but we were still able to get a few. 

The more we teach and answer peoples questions the more I learn. We had a referral from the Salt Lake  City Temple Visitors Center but he was not at all interested when we stopped by and saw him. We continued talking with him about his job, and why he stopped by the temple visitors center he began to open up with Elder Schneider and I.  By the end of the conversation he told us that a friend gave him a Book of Mormon with highlighted pages to read but he hasn't read it yet but will do it now.  He said that when his truck is out front to stop by and see him. It showed me that we should never give up when someone "thinks" they are not interested but we should continue to care for them and show our interest in them and they will feel that love you have for them and how badly you want to share a message with them.

Elder Schneider is amazing... the best companion/ example/ district leader. I truly feel blessed to be with him and I know that the Lord put me with him to learn so much from him and apply those things to myself. I remember when I first got out he said that by the end of your training you should know the basics of everything, and at the end I should be able to tell him everything a missionary does and what to do.  I thought that was totally crazy but that's been a motivating factor to help me ask questions on things I don't understand or how things work or numbers and everything... its been awesome to have such a great trainer who teaches me and who knows the importance of all the many things we do. I feel blessed to have wonderful missionaries around me who I can learn from and zone leaders who really care for our zone and want to improve it. 

Though this week wasn't one of our best I feel privileged and extremely blessed for what I've been given and it has really humbled me. Thank you for all that you do for us missionaries. My personal goal next week is to work on Christ-like attributes ... one per day and then at the end do the assessment of attributes in PMG.  Elder schneider and I are planning on teaching a lot of lessons as well next week so I have faith our numbers will be a lot better!

Have a great week!   Hope all is well with everyone and know that this Church is true and will bless everyone you share it will. Transfers are next Tuesday so most likely my companion and I will be split up and one of us leave the area! I'm grateful for all the emails and letters I get from everyone ... it gives me strength! 

Elder Taylor

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