Monday, April 1, 2013


So, last week was a learning process for me and was very humbling. 

We had 8 investigators say that they were going to come to church on Easter Sunday but ZERO of them showed up. :(  It was tough but it was still a great service.  Elder Schneider and I both went up and bore our testimony completely on the Savior and each shared a scripture on Christ. Then we had a lot of our apointments fall through again this last week and people not keeping commitments but that is what we signed up for!  ha  Gotta' keep pressing forward! 

We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders (2 missionaries that are over us and we report our numbers too).  I stayed in my area and Elder Schultz was my companion for the day. It was all on me to plan for the day, and drive everywhere and see and do what I thought we should do. It was hard because no one was home so we ended up knocking on doors for a few hours in the blazing sun! ha  It was really hard for me... not just getting rejected by literally EVERY door but because these people were so closed minded -  they didn't want to hear any truth. It's hard because I try to view them as the Savior would and I know that every one of those people are children of God and that what we can teach them will change their lives and bless them and their family and make them so much happier but NO ONE cared at all. But it had to happen ... I know it happened for a reason.  We just got a taste of what the Lord went through as He taught the gospel when he was on the earth and he was rejected. Keep pressing forward!! 

Two weeks ago I went to a hospital emergency room and gave a blessing to a less active member in our ward. He had a heart problem and was close to death and they didn't know what or why it happened. When we walked in the room he started saying it's not his time... he still has to finish the Book of Mormon and the Bible, get sealed in the temple with his wife, get his family's work done for the temple, and get the Melchizedek Preisthood. Right away I felt that he was going to be ok, and that the Lord is using this to JUMP start him back on the right path and to get him back to church and do all that the Lord wants him to. I was VERY nervous and felt down in a way because the last time I saw someone sick on a hospital bed and gave a blessing to someone that sick was my Mother. I could feel the Adversary working on me - giving me fear, doubt and those memories to keep me down BUT I prayed that I could have courage and strength.  I gave him a priesthood blessing and the Lord told me a lot to tell him to help his life and his health. Yesterday this man was at church and he mentioned that two days after the blessing he was out of the hospital and the doctor was MAD because he could not explain what happened or how he recover so fast ... NO explanation. But we know it was the blessing, and that he had faith that he would be healed and did all that the Lord told me to say in the blessing and now he's totally fine and back working and taking care of his wife but with a new glow... realizing how important the Gospel is as well as life. It was amazing to me and testified to me again how important that priesthood authority is. 

On my mom's birthday this last Tuesday I listened to God Be With You Til' We Meet Again once in the morning and once right before bed.  It brought me so much joy and comfort knowing that "till we meet, and Jesus feet". I often times bring her up or remember what she's taught me. The Lord blessed me with having her as my mother <3 

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ is real and it WILL bless your life IF you stay faithful and do all the Lord asks of you. Tell the World He lives!!! 

Love always, 
Elder Taylor  

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