Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey guys!

This past weekend was just wonderful. I love having General Conference!!  For those who don't know what General Conference is it is when our church leaders speak and it is broadcasted via satellite so it is viewed across the whole world. EVERY member of the church watches this on a Saturday and Sunday and it's truly amazing. We hear from the apostles, the prophet and other members of the church. Of course my favorite talk was by Elder Holland ... I have to meet that man someday!!  As I watched I heard things that I needed to hear at this time and I had answers to the questions I had. Also, we had 4 investigators tuning in to watch it as well... so that was awesome.  I recognized L. Whitney Clayton... it took me a while but I finally remembered that I head him speak when I was at the MTC ... so it was so cool to know that I was watching him speak live just a few months ago!  haha 

There is a deaf lady in my ward so it is so cool that I can do a little bit of sign language with her and she LOVES that I can sign just a little bit ... she's an amazing follower of Christ and is very kind and patient with people. 

YESTERDAY I got a call from my mission president and, of course, my luck is not the best.  He told me there are only certain websites that I'm allowed to go on.  I went onto Deseret Bookstore's website to look for 3 DVDS that I wanted my dad to order for me and I didn't know I couldn't.  The mission president found out and called me and told me the reasons we are only allowed to go on certain sites.  He also found out about my blog and thought it was ME who updated it every week!!  haha  So, I had to clear that up but that's a call I hope I'll never have to get again ... but something like that would happen to me out of all people!

This last week was a good week but could of been better. We were hoping to teach a lot more this last week but I feel that my relationship through prayer with my Heavenly Father has been increasing and that has been a HUGE blessing.  I've also been reading the scriptures and gaining more and more knowledge.  If any of you who are reading this need help/ advice/ or anything please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or letter and I'll do my best to help :) 

Love , Elder Taylor

p.s. Shout of to my lil' baby cousin who just had her baby blessing this last week. Her name is Macy Claudine Christensen. Middle name after my mother ... so beautiful!

Aren't these the coolest glasses ever?

A picture from at CTR class from home

A picture of me out finding people ... doing work!  haha

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