Monday, May 6, 2013

First week as a trainer (and LOTS of pictures)

WOW.  This past week has been again very humbling, but in a different way than before.
I was very nervous to start training a new missionary while still being a new missionary myself but the Lord has helped me out so much! I have NEVER been so humbled by the compliments that people have given me this last week ... especially those coming from my companion, Elder Broulim. 
Members of the ward, as well as people I have been teaching have noticed a difference in me and in the way I teach, talk to people, and act.  I didn't notice what had been happening until Elder Broulim started pointing things out to me.  I wish I could tell you all but I don't even know where to begin or even how to explain it without saying it face-to-face. The Lord has been blessing me BEYOND anything I deserve and I feel so unworthy of it.  My words through prayer or my words on this email cannot even begin to express the feelings and blessings I feel in my life. My companion said, "These past few days it hasn't been you speaking ... there is no way a man could say or know what you just said to that person."  I humbly say it is true. Lately I've felt the Holy Ghost impressing upon me things I need to say to help touch people in this area and I had no clue it was happening until it was pointed out.  I AM NOTHING,!  I only do and say what the Lord wants me to do or say.  I deserve nothing of what people have said about me this last week here because it isn't me saying or doing these things...  I am just a servant of the Lord striving to do my best with what I know at this time. I was worried about teaching but every lesson we have taught together has been great and the Spirit has been really strong. I've never spoken or felt the Spirit tell me things so obvious ever before while on my mission.
Elder Broulim is a great missionary already and is willing to work very hard.  My goal by the time he's done training is to make him a better missionary than I was and it is definitely reachable because he is very prepared.  He is from Idaho ( I called it! ;) ) haha  His family owns a grocery store chain and he's all about the outdoors and football, and he likes basketball too... so that helps!  Also, when I picked him up we were wearing matching Nixon watches... it's meant to be!  He has said the MOST humbling comments and kindest words ANYONE has ever said to me in my whole life! I truly love him already and feel so honored to be his trainer.

The love for this area is always increasing and the people are truly amazing. Our ward is getting a lot better and I talked to my Bishop yesterday and a miracle happened.  He said "yes" to having us come to ward council now so I'm extremely blessed because I feel there is so much the ward can do to help our investigators progress ... as well as make our ward even better. :)

Shout out to the Butterfield family. They are so kind to us and always take us in as if were family. The Gonzolas family as well... they are also SO kind to us and always there for us no matter what. The friendships I have with members in our congregation is an eternal friendship!

I love the Lord ... He is my strength.

Best wishes,
Elder Taylor

Elder Schneider and I!  His trainer passed down a tie to his "fav trainee" and
then Scheider gave it to me ... and now I have to pass it down!

 Also got matching ties on at transfers that the Butterfields gave to us!

Saying "goodbye" to Elder Schneider ...

... and Elder Stewart.  These are my boyz ... they are total studs.

I cleaned up the WHOLE apartment the night before Elder Broulim came because I'm in charge of it now.  I threw a ton away and organized stuff!  I had like 3 bags full .... my mom would have been proud :)

 Here is a picture with me and my new companion!  Elder Broulim!  He's a stud.  I'm so grateful to be his trainer.  He's ready to work hard and learn a lot!  This pic is with Josh ... he's in our ward and he's amazing.  He greets everyone at the door and always has a smile on his face :)

These are the "10 more commandments"that I made for my trainee.
They are things I feel are important at the beginning of your mission ... they will
help bring him success early on.  There is also two quotes I've made up since
I've been on my mission!

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