Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Forget and get to work

I don’t think I’ve ever exerted more energy or passion and feelings into anything than I have this past week. I am dead tired right now but let me tell you why that makes me happier than I’ve ever been! 
After my hard week 2 weeks ago I really wanted to use the “atonement” more in my life.  The "atonement" basically meaning to correct or overcome our sins and trials because Christ did that for us, and that word is used to describe that. So after that I knew I had to work harder than ever before if the Lord was going to help me with this... so that’s what I did. 
We went and contacted EVERY PERSON we could think of. We filled our planners with people to go by and visit if our appointments fall through and technically we were supposed to be home at 9 o’clock at night unless we have an appointment (then we can go till 9:30pm) but what I do is work every night till 9:30.  We visited and strived to bless as many people as possible until we had to head back.  Now “technically” that’s kind of bending the rules but for those who know me we know that I’d do it anyways. I love these people too much to be lazy or to not try to fit a lot of people in or to not contact them.  I don’t want to waste the Lord's time throughout the day... that’s why I’m here.  I’m here to work.  My heart is full!  My love for the members / investigators/ less actives has increased “100 fold”. I would do anything for them; I consider them family and eternal friends. I want to see them in the Celestial Kingdom after this life with their family and have them be in God’s presence. I am changing every day.  I am surrendering myself unto the Lord.  I’m not fighting anymore who “I” want to be ... I’m letting Him mold me into who “HE” wants me to be and I hope that I will be that man that I’m destined to be. 
I HUMBLY want to say that last week we taught about 40 lessons total. We had 13 member-present lessons in one week (which last week we had 9 and that was even super high). Setting goals that are challenging but achievable is what will make you better and give you the results you look for. Two new missionaries were able to do that.  Now, it wasn’t us... it was the Lord blessing us for our hard work.  I want NO credit for the success we had because it was all the Lord.  I am so humbled that we yet again had a wonderful week but we know there are so many things to improve on. All of your prayers truly are helping - I can feel it. 
We had a miracle this Sunday- we had 3 investigators come to church!  Its been about 3 months since we have had that many to church.  I’ve been praying for that and the Lord provided.  One of them, named Ray, we actually set a baptismal date for on June 16 which will be great.  He’s amazing and is so ready for this next step closer to God.
Also, another miracle is that for 2 weeks in a row we have had members signed up to come out with us Monday through Friday.  Two weeks ago I kind of “threw down” in priesthood about needing them to come out teaching with us.  I was very lovingly straight to the point and blunt with them but the spirit put the words in my mouth that I said to them, and as a result we have had more members wanting to come out and more excitement about missionary work then I’ve ever seen since being here!  
This week we have met a lady who has been taught by missionaries in the past but is addicted to cocaine and other hard drugs. She showed us her infected hands and feet when she shoots up the drugs and it was hard to see. The love I have for her is great so it hurts seeing someone controlled by a drug and feels like they can't escape it.  Luckily, through the “Atonement” Of Jesus Christ she can escape it and we are working with her on it.  
Another miracle is a man that I’ve seen at our ward occasionally.  Elder Broulim and I just  prayed that we would be able to help someone and find someone who really needs us because we were having a tough afternoon and being rejected a lot.  Then we get a call from that man on a random number.  He asks if we could meet up, so we hurry over to Lee Travino chapel and speak with him. You could see the pain and sorrow in his eyes so I asked him why he called us, and then all of a sudden he just opens up. He tells us that he hasn’t seen his 3 year old daughter in over a year because his ex won’t let him see her and they are somewhere in Juarez, Mexico with her family who also hate him. This man loves his daughter but can’t see her. He’s done many iniquities and sins in his past life and is wanting a fresh new start again and to get back to the temple. He lost his Job that he had been working at for 19 years, and was a year away from retiring there but they fired him and he’s now jobless. He lost his car, as well as his house, but the hardest was losing his daughter. We were shocked and heartbroken, but LUCKILY the Spirit helped us bear powerful testimony to him and help him see a light at the end of the tunnel. We were all in tears and we asked if we could give a blessing. I was asked to give it.  Now, I’ve given quite a few priesthood blessing on my mission but this one was one of the top few I’ve ever given where I felt so strongly of what to say. There were things said that I can’t even type because of how sacred they are to him and to his trials and welfare. Now, this man texted us last night and said he is SO HAPPY and felt the Spirit all day... as well as the love his Heavenly Father has for him. Because of a phone call and because he was just looking for someone who he could trust and talk to, we were able to make the darkness in his life into Light by the Power of the Lord. He said he didn’t want to do something stupid that would result in bad consequences and I’m so grateful that he didn’t and that he called us. I share these things with you because I know it can bless you guys by learning from these people's experiences and realizing that there is always someone out there who has it worse than you do. Turn to the Savior and HE will help you, your family and those you love who are struggling. Thank you for those who read my blog and take from the things I email, and actually appreciate it.  It brings me joy to share my experiences and feelings with the world as a missionary for the Lord.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Elder Taylor   

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