Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baptisms on year mark. Full speed ahead!

Had a wonderful week last week. I've grown more and more in love with my mission everyday it feels like. 

As you know last week, on the 23rd, was my one-year mark and we also had planned TWO baptisms.  I'm not going to lie... I was nervous they were not going to happen. 

Shannon was supposed to get married the day before but he didn't go into town and get the marriage license.  So that put a little damper on things.  Then the other investigator we hadn't seen for like three days prior! 

Well, that morning I prayed earnestly that I would have a successful day and work hard to see those 2 baptisms come through. 

We went to Margarita's house in the morning and it looked like no one was home. She finally answered the door and I told her that, "today is the day Margarita!  You are going to get baptized. You ok with that?" She said she was ready and was excited too. SO... we went over the questions with her that they will ask in her baptismal interview.

When we left Margarita's house we were nervous that in the next 3 hours she would leave somewhere and forget because it has happened before.  So we called her 2 times within that time randomly and made up excuses to call!  haha It worked. The Crofts picked her up and then swung by to get us, but Shannon (who was supposed to get baptized too) wasn't in the truck and the Croft's said they stopped by and he said he will drive themselves in 30 min and go get the marriage license then meet up at the church. 

Well, that freaked me out!  Not to be mean, but if a Navajo ever says anything like that it means they are not going to do it and its not going to happen! haha  We got down there and I called 30 minutes later (when he's supposed to leave) and told him he better get his butt out the house to make it! ha He promised he would! 

Margarita got her interview and PASSED which is awesome because a few months ago she didn't so it was a huge hurdle to get her here again. She told us on the way down that she has wanted to be baptized for 2 YEARS now! What a miracle that was. 

Then Shannon showed up at the perfect time with his girlfriend and the marriage license.   The branch president came and then they got married. It was a beautiful event and the Spirit was there.  I got to sign the license as a witness of the marriage which was super cool!  After he went and got his baptismal interview, and also passed. We both went in to change for the baptism and then the baptisms happened. Not a lot of people here come to baptisms  but they are so spiritual. I felt the Spirit the strongest at this one. I was honored to baptize Shannon as well as give him the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. 

Afterwards we went to a recent convert's house and had Navajo Tacos for dinner (my favorite) and it was wonderful. I love their family and I feel at home every time I am there. 
My joy was full on my year mark day. The Lord has answered my prayers greater than I ever thought. He heard my cries and pleas and blessed me. I have never worked so hard for 2 baptisms my whole mission. 

Also, we are super close and basically have the expansion on the building!!!  We still have to get people to church and work hard but its basically going to happen and Salt Lake apologized to our stake president and said they were supposed to put a bigger building here from the start and that they will probably starting building THIS summer!!! :) So great! I met the Church's project manager when he was looking at the building and got some of the gossip of why he's here!  ha He said we could possibly be getting a full sized chapel ... so we will see!

Thanks for all the support. Miracles do happen guys, but only by our faith.

Elder Taylor 

The truck got stuck so i had to dig it out practically haha my comp thought it was funny to take pics of it! 

Playing basketball with the little kids on the dirt out here 

My comp has a sweet camera and took this picture 

We play hard core basketball on a lil hoop on the door, always a fun game of HORSE during lunch ha 

A Native here got me an Elk antler and we made home made Elk antler knifes and used a old hoarse shoe and heated and pounded it into a knife. 
This is ZW, hes the black Smith in Magdalena and is a member and a really cool guy! 


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