Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Life

Hope everyone had a great holiday season, It was great hearing from a lot of you. I'm so very excited for this next year. I will be able to have a FULL year out here to work and help the mission reach its baptismal goal of 825 people. There has been crazy stuff going on here lately:

On New Years Eve a less-active guy here (who I know pretty well and have tried to help a lot before with gettting off drugs and dealing and the law) ended up going to the mini-mart here and robbed the cash register at gun point and took off. The reservation was basically on lockdown the whole day... and they still havent found him yet. They are looking in the mountains but we all think he is hiding out in peoples houses here.  It's really corrupt out here... it's kind of sad actually. The law is SO much more loose. 

Well, later that night, the Croft's neighbor had a huge "gang" fight break out.  There were like 30 people there at 1:30am and two people got ran over by a car and there were clubs and windows broken!  It sounded crazy! The Crofts ( senior missionaries here) are so awesome.  They watched the whole thing and are still here and working so hard. We love those guys! 

I don't have too much to write this week... it's been pretty chill but I've really set a lot more goals for myself this next year of things I want to achieve and things that will stretch me personally. I love this life so much... this journey that we are on.  Challenges are so great and help us grow so much!  It's always a challenge working on a new goal but after we are so happy we did it.  We are more confident and are motivated to change more. I challenge you all to set new personal and family goals for this up and coming year! If we have a desire that is burning in our hearts we all can achieve what we are set out for. REMEMBER the Lord does not expect immediate perfection BUT He does expect immediate progression!! 
Keep improving and moving forward while using Christ's atonement daily. Don't forget that you have heavenly help and aid that will come to you anytime you pray and ask with sincerity! 

This past year I've changed more than I ever expected could happen. I finally humbled myself enough and let the Lord change and mold me into a greater person... who I'm supposed to be! I've really been humbled since I've been in Alamo. Like the simple things we take for granted. For example, a washer and dryer... a lot of people here don't have one! Or running water... a lot of people don't have that either! We are so blessed.  Just know that  someone ALWAYS has it worse than you do so stop complaining ! haha 

News!   We had to get 85 people to church last week as you know so we could possibly get a building expansion here and a baptismal font.  President came down and we worked like crazy and fasted and prayed more than ever and we got 132!!!!! Which still is CRAZY to me but I wrote about that last week. There has never been that many people in this building ever for sacrament so it was super awesome to see. 

Well now we need to show Salt Lake that we need bigger classrooms too so the next six Sundays there is going to be a guy here counting. YES! More stress!  haha Just kidding ... its all good.  I love a lot of pressure!  So, if we show we need bigger rooms, they will expand the building (which the branch wants) because in 2 years I believe there is going to be over 100 people here weekly, but if we don't they will just give us a portable. The good thing is out of the whole church we are in the top 5% priority for a building expansion because of our numbers.  So if it does happen it will happen very soon!  That's the new big news.  Now it's just up to us how big we want the expansion to be and if we get a baptisimal font or not!

Have a great week you all ... don't forget to pray!

Elder Taylor 

The Butterfield's youngest son Jonny (from El Paso, TX)

Elder Taylor and Elder Ahloy

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