Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIRECT communication

Hey everyone. My Aunt Chelsea who posts all the blog stuff told me how many views I have now and I can't believe it!  That's crazy how many there are! I'm super humbled by it... it's crazy to me honestly. 

Well, we had a super great week. I created a new system of things for goals for Alamo and how much we need to stretch ourselves to see miracles happen. We had a lot of success last week and it was great to see the blessings of the Lord come through. 

Now, as crazy as it is, I really have no idea what to write about.  I'm so dead tired I can't really think about something that has come to me except for one thing... that is DIRECT communication from our Father in Heaven. Now, before you all start freaking out thinking I had an angel come to me or hear a voice from heaven, you are wrong... that's not what I mean. I mean you can literally feel as if our Father in Heaven is communicating with you. For me, the easiest way I have seen it in my life is the SCRIPTURES. I love the quote that says, " if you want to talk to God you pray, when you want Him to talk to you read the scriptures"

At church on Sunday I was flipping through the scriptures and came across a few verses. I  hadn't noticed that I was struggling with something deep within me.  But as I read it those verses they spoke to me. It was a direct communication from God to Me. I felt that those verses were written and made for me. I felt that those prophets knew that Elder Taylor someday is going to read and need this. 

I know if we truly need help, a ray of hope, understanding and guidance and that if we search the scriptures with an eye single to receiving an answer, HE will provide it to you. He will let your fingers flip to a page and you eyes focus on the EXACT verse He wants you to read. 

I pray that we may all search daily to find some sort of spiritual conformation that God does live and that He does care and a simple way of doing that is through His holy scriptures. 

I love this work. I never want to go home. My happiness just increases more and more every day. Christ has helped me so much.  I'm so dearly grateful for Him and His willingness to accept my imperfections as His representative. 

Love to you all,

Elder Taylor 

Here is a pic of the building here on Alamo and our trailer right behind it 

Me and Anita.. she is a mom to the missionaries here! They have overnight meetings and rituals in these... pretty cool. 
But she doesn't do it anymore... not since she was baptized! 

Here some pics of the two desks that I got

All 3 of us are wearing CTR rings. I both gave them little rings to wear and they were sooo happy about it! 
Their names are Viera and Jaz 

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