Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Personal Ministry

Hey everyone!  I have much joy in writing this email because it gives me so much to look back on in my life and to thank God for all of those experiences.

I have had one of the busiest weeks of my mission and I love that...  I love being busy and growing and progressing because that is what we are here to do while in this life. 

So, I want to just tell you the day I had on Sunday but before I tell you that I have to explain something that happened on Saturday. Some sisters asked for us to come unlock the church for them.  Well, we did and then they were talking about how one is playing the piano in sacrament and the other is singing.  Well, the non-member who was going to sing with her canceled  We were all looking in the hymn book for a cool song they can perform for their sacrament meeting the next day but she was stressed because there was no one to sing with her. Well, I was joking around about songs to sing and singing all funny then she asked if i had ever sang before.  I said, "No.. I'm not a singer at all.  The only experience I have is in the shower!"  ha  She said to just try it. Everyone else egged me on to do it, so I did with their promise not to make fun of me. At the end of it they said I need to do it, and to try it with this sister as a duet and see how it goes.  Well it went pretty good in their book and so they begged that I sing with her in their ward. Feeling bad and guilt-tripped into this I said that I would! So we practiced and BOY is singing hard! ha  All of the breathing and timing and holding notes...  man, I felt like I played 5 basketball games at the end of it. 

The next day, Sunday, we met up early at almost 8 o'clock to practice for 15 min; then my companion and I ran to ward council.  Then we had correlation meeting, another correlation meeting with the ward missionaries, then we had our sacrament in which our awesome mission president spoke about missionary work, then we met with another gentleman from the high council and had to print and discuss some things, and then I went into Cibolas ward sacrament and sang the song [which was hymn number 97 (1st and 3rd verse) then sang right into hymn 98 (one verse) ... Lead, Kindly Light and I Need Thee Every Hour)] and it was tight!  The sisters said that everyone asked for us to do it again and that it sounded awesome.  Then the sisters told them that I just learned how to do like legit-real-singing less than 24 hours prior to that and they said they were shocked.  I told the sisters that it was my one time ever doing that and to ask someone else next time!! haha  Then we had to meet with a counselor in the mission presidency, then we went to another big meeting after, then we went out teaching people for a little bit, then we had dinner at the bishop's house, and then we were off to a Ward Mission Conference (that we and a high counselor hosted to help ward mission leaders, ward missionaries and bishops know how to work together with the missionaries and our roles). It was really great and our mission president spoke again and said something I really loved and that is, "The full-time missionaries are just part-time missionaries really and when we go home we will be full-time missionaries. Members are full-time missionaries sharing the Gospel with friends and finding those families who are prepared for the Gospel."  Also, he spoke on our personal ministry and that impacted me.
A few months ago I wrote my personal ministry and I wish to share a few things I wrote in it:   "I want to be a man of God;  always looking for those who are in need of help. I want to dedicate myself to the Lord's work and to continue to be a disciple of Christ in all things. As I've already in a small-fraction surrendered myself to the Lord I've felt almost as if a veil has been lifted; I've seen things I could never before see. I commune with the Father and plead for strength;  every time I do receive the necessary strength, peace and energy . My strongest testimony is that people can change BACK. I say "back" because this is who I am supposed to be; who I really was and am.  The person who I was before my mission was just lost."                 

 Those words that I wrote on December 26, 2013 still drive me to be better and to improve. 
I know that our Father in Heaven has a plan just for me and I have my own personal ministry on earth.  I know that as i pray about it and read the scriptures and, like what our president says, look for spiritual gifts you have... you will come to know who YOU are and what your ministry is.  I testify of that and invite you all to come to know who YOU are and what our wonderful and loving Father in heaven expects of you! 

As for me, I'm trying to do things that will give me more experiences and learning opportunities and I want you all to know that the ONLY reason why I just out-of-the-blue committed to sing last Sunday was because of my mom and dad; because they both sing great and I know it would make them proud that I'd try it one time in my life!  Also, I know my mom was with me up there as I was shaking and nervous, and she did comfort me and listen to me and that's the ONLY way I was able to do it...even something as small as that I know was part of my ministry in my life was to try it. 

Keep making good choices you all and helping EVERYONE in need around you :)

Love always,
Elder Taylor   

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