Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Small world

Hey everyone who reads this blog still...  thank you for still reading it!   I'm shocked people even read the blog in the first part of my mission. Thanks for reading my words as I serve the Lord in His work at this great time.

I don't have a huge thought this week but these past two days I have been connecting with people who know where I'm from or people I know! 

My whole mission, until this last week, I have never really met anyone who knew a lot about San Diego or Southern California or knew where I lived or people that I know.  We had dinner with this family and come to find out I asked him where he served his mission ... it was in California and he served in Murrieta in the Spanish branch! Crazy!  He knew the missionaries I did my mini-mission with when I was a junior and he knew all of  the missionaries that I loved. We even figured out that we went to the same building and could have walked by each other a handful of times; little did we know two or so years later I'd be out serving in his ward! 

Another experience was with a family whose son and daughter-in-law came to visit from Utah and she's from California.  She knows some guys I know back in Murrieta that I hung out with the summer before my mission! Then there is another family whose sister and her family just moved down to Murrieta/Menefee area and lives like 4 miles from my house! Crazy . I know this is kinda' lame to write about, but to me its so cool to see how connected we all are as church members and how when we share our lives and where we are from and how we have come to meet people we will see how truly small this world is and how many of our brothers and sisters we already are connected too. I can't wait for heaven; that is going to be a ton more awesome than the three experiences I had with people I've met who I've been able to relate with! 

Church is true... the book is blue!! 


Elder Taylor 

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