Monday, August 4, 2014

Area Swap

Hey everyone.  Hope all is well. Don't have much to write about today.
My companion and I are switching areas and will be covering the West Mesa YSA branch and will be covering the whole stake. We were super bummed-out to leave the ward that we were in because we got super-close with a lot of members there but it will be a new adventure covering the YSA. There are a lot of families in our ward that have YSA kids who are active or less-active; so we will still be able to eat with them and stuff so that will be good.
Time is flying by so quick out here... it is starting to freak me out!  One of my best buds is going home tomorrow and others are leaving the next transfer. I've come to better realize how time works in our mortal lifes and how important it is for us to pay attention to our experiences and to learn and grow always!
Love to you all... have a great week!
Going to miss Bandelier Ward SOOO much, but I know the Lord has other plans! 

Elder Taylor

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