Tuesday, August 26, 2014

God Knows His Children

Hey everyone!  I hope all is well in your lives and that you don't all hate me for not sending pics and writing anything good the past few weeks. 

So, here in the YSA it is a lot different kind of missionary work than what I was used to before. We have been trying to visit all of these people we have on the branch directory and there was a name someone gave to us to go visit so we drove by.  Well, the gate to the complex was closed so we waited for someone to go in then we snuck in!  haha  We drove around then finally found her place, knocked on the door and what do you know? No one answerd. There was a guy outside when we pulled up working on a truck and I noticed him and felt like we needed to say hi so on the way back I just yelled out, "Hey man!  How's it going?"  He answered saying he was good just working on his truck.  I asked him if he needed help.  He said no, but where are you elders from?  Come to find out that he is a less-active that moved here 9 months ago and hasn't been to church mainly because he works a lot, but also because his girlfriend that he lives with isn't a member but he said she would probably be open to hearing about the Gospel!  Also, he said he wouldn't want to go to a family ward but would want to come to the YSA ... we were freaking out. He told us that the lady we tried to see has moved... look at God's hand. We drove way out there for someone but in God's eyes it was to find this man. He knows His children and we could sense this man's good heart and that he needs to return to the fold. Later we ended up giving blessings to sister missionaries who are really struggling.  I was honored to perform them and felt such an overwhelming feeling of the Spirit. I felt again that God sent us to help His daughters feel better; He sent us so that HE could speak to them through HIS priesthood. I know our Heavenly Father loves us; He needs us as much as we need Him. This last week was crazy.  We had a sister who had to go to the hospital because of horible pain in her stomach area then we had a lockdown and had to stay in someone's house for a hour and a half because a guy who killed someone was on the run and shooting at the cops; we gave a  blessing to someone sick while they were sitting in the car and had to go to my companion's doctor appointment. It has been crazy over here! haha 

I was able to attend a special baptism in the zone this last week of 3 children. Their mom hasn't been to church in YEARS and then came across the missionaries.  They all had a change of heart and were converted to the Lord and baptized. During ALL of their testimonies we were in tears crying and they were saying "I know that this is where I'm supposed to be; I feel at home now. God led me here because He saved me."  Even the youngest one (who was 9).  It was such a tender moment to hear that; all of their testimonies and one of the mother who now has all her children in the church. She felt the spirit tell her to get her kids into the church.  I testify that God uses the spirit to prompt you to do things. He knows who you are. 

I'm thankful for the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father.  It is so personal to me and I hold it in deep reverance. I have no words to describe my thoughts and feeling towards Him but that He is engaged and lives and wants us all back.

I invite all who read this to look for things in your life, like the small experiences I had this week, that tesify that He is aware of you and more importanly others around you.

Love always,
Elder Taylor 

Some missionaries going home or just being transferred! 

Sister Morris, the coolest sister who came out with me, just went home

Also my best bud Elder Magalei went home too :/ 

Elder Ahloy who I trained awhile back is now training a new elder!!  So cool! 


  1. nice page. i like your post, please visit back

  2. Hi Elder Taylor, could you say hi to my son , Elder Sanchez (Spanish miss) if you see him, hi is still at Provo MTC, Nice page, thanks to a missionary like you, I got baptized, 20 years ago.